This is for the shipping competition!
We all know that Snape loved Lily, like, A LOT. But he lost her with some simple words. Hurtful, irreversible, simple words.
"I don't need help from a mudblood."


1. I think I love her

It was a Sunday afternoon, Lily and her family had just come back from church. She was in a blue and white church dress, her beautiful, red, wavy hair down, falling over her shoulders. Her green eyes sparkled as she skipped up the hill, her hair bouncing as she did. Her muggle sister followed behind. She had a more serious face on. Her brown hair tightly pulled back into a neat bun. Her dress was a light brown, the same length as Lily's, but more stiff. It didn't flow like Lily's. Lily looked down upon the lavishly green hill, white and pink flowers dotted it from top to bottom. She picked one that hadn't sprouted yet up in her hand, and it began to spin. The bud opened and she showed it to Petunia, it still hovering. 

"Freak!" Petunia yelled, and smacked it out of Lily's hand. Lily looked hurt, upset. I wanted more than anything, to go over to her and hug her. Tell her it was alright. Before i could stop myself, my feet began to walk me from the tree out in the open. As soon as Petunia saw me, she gasped, and cried again,

"Freaks! I'm telling mummy! You're all freaks!" She ran down the hill, and Lily turned to me. I picked up a small two sided seed leaf, and made it flutter into Lily's hand. She smiled at me, and i returned it. 
"She's just jealous. We're special, and she's not." I said, as we walked to the river. 

"That's mean, Severus." 

"I think you're special. Unique." I said.

"Thank you, Severus." She said. She smiled again, and went to say something, but her mother called her to go home. 

"Bye." I muttered as she walked back up the hill. I watched her disappear over it, and sighed. I think I love her. 


((A.N- Sorry this chapter was so short, I'm going to make them longer, I promise! I know where i'm going with the story, but school may get in the way of me typing a lot. Hope you guys enjoyed the begin of it! Be sure to vote and comment, and I'll update my next chapter soon. Bye for now!))

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