Six Feet Under

Cardi is a stripper at the Mod Club. She grew up pretty poor but not on food stamps. Her parents had just enough money to pay rent, food, and one pair of shoes per year for Cardi and her sister, Normani. Things weren't always easy growing up in Brooklyn, New York, but Cardi's family made do with what they had. After saving up for years and years, Cardi finally raised enough to move to Los Angeles after her high school graduation and pay for the first month's rent on a run down, one bedroom apartment. It wasn't much to the naked eye, but to Cardi, it was everything. However, as she began to settle into her new lifestyle living in Los Angeles, her first month was coming to an end and she needed rent money. Being right out high school, she had no job experience and couldn't get hired anywhere. So she gave up the desk job life and went to drastic measures, stripping. Cardi got hired on the spot and threw herself into making that shmoney. UMM IM OUTTA SPACE JUST READ IT XO


1. get to know the characters/ character analysis/ whats up with cha


*martin voice* WHAT'S UP, WHAT'S UP, WASSSUP

what in tarnation is up with you guys? it's been so long since I've published a NEW story and interacted with y'all for real. I KNOW, I KNOWWWW, i alwayssss leave this site for like 30 years and promise a full comeback and it never happens. well guess what, the kid back, kid back, kid back (you real xo if you know what that's from) and i do plan to give y'all a  full kennedy experience. SO, grab your snacks, tea, water, hot chocolate (since texas decides its going to go ahead and be 30 degrees for 5 days straight) and get all snuggled in because we ABOUT TO DO A FULL CHARACTER ANALYSIS OF ERRRRYBODY THAT'S IMPORTANT IN THIS STORY. also, i may or may not have an abel story in the works as well, idk. *wink*) ALSO, i will actually be on here fr because once finals is over on the 15th, I'm all y'alls for ALLLLLL of christmas break, hope you happy hoe :) OKAY bye, let's get into the characters b! (FIRST CHAPTER COMING HELLA SOON SO LOOK OUT FOR IT)




Cardi-  Cardi is 22 and has been working at the Mod Club for 3 years. She's the best dancer at the Mod Club and a regular audience favorite. All the other girls envy her and try to compete with her, but as she always says, you don't compare when you don't compete. Cardi is not always sure of what she wants for herself in the future, but she knows sure as hell she doesn't want a steady relationship right now, especially  not with the job she has. She just wants to focus on making shmoney and living the life she'd always dreamed of as a girl. When the subject of her upbringing comes up, she confidently admits her poor upbringing, she's never ashamed of her roots. Cardi worries though, about what her parents will say if they ever find out what she does to sustain a living. She's confident and loves working at the club because she feels she ACTUALLY earns her money. Whether its her makeup or her body, Cardi is proud of it. However, Cardi has a secret no one but her family knows and that's how she plans to keep it.



Gerald- Gerald is 24 and has been rapping and writing rhymes since he was around 15 or 16. Recently, his music has been getting more and more attention and climbing the charts. He's definitely on the comeup. He plays shows almost every night and the nights usually end with his face numbing off a bag of blow and a different girl by his side. He likes his life but feels empty inside somehow. He would like to, but couldn't actually see himself settling down with a girl and loving her only.  Gerald is insecure about his childhood and everything he's been through. He usually doesn't like to share the story but in his most recent and most personal album, he shared all of his sad stories in a song called Everything Will Be Okay. ( Things haven't always been easy for Gerald but he plans to change that in the near future.


Normani- Normani is 20, and is Cardi's younger sister. She lives in Japan after developing a serious infatuation with Japan and Japanese culture, following a trip in high school the summer before senior year. Normani has a settled life and works for Kinishewa Electronics as an innovator and has a fashion and photography blog on the side, which she profits from as well. Normani knows about Cardi's lifestyle and job and accepts it. She is really supportive and gives her sister advice. The two are best friends and text and Facetime when the time zones match up and work for both of them.



Naomi- Naomi is 45 and Cardi and Normani's mother. All she wants in life is for her daughters to be happy and successful.  She knows nothing of Cardi's lifestyle but wants to, even though Cardi shuts her out every time she asks. She knows it hasn't always been easy for her girls but wants only the best for them. Naomi isn't quiet about her opinions on things and always lets people know about something exactly how it is.


(I didn't do one for the dadbecause his would be almost identical to the mom's)



James- James is 26 and likes to consider himself Gerald's biggest fan (next to their mom!) and has definitely been Gerald's best friend since they were both little. James is also a musician, he plays the saxophone and though not as recognized as Gerald, he is surely talented and sometimes joins Gerald on the road to play at some shows.



Suzanne- Suzanne is 49 and loves both of her sons with all her heart. She likes to spend her time traveling and enjoying the features and beauty of Earth. No matter what, she always will accept and love her sons with all her heart.




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