A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


23. Day Twenty-Three

January 6th, 2017: Living Room

I braided my hair last night so it's really curly and poofy! I gtgn. Sry...

January 6th, 2017: Art

Aubree is really mad at me. :( I really want to talk to her but I can't. I hate my life... TTYL...


Art: None

History: Letter home! Parent sign! Do retake activity, retake test Monday.

Math: Finish Math XL

French: Vocabulary 1 due Monday

Science: Work on Project

L.A: None!

January 6th, 2017: History

So we have a quiz right now. I hope I don't fail but it's only 8 questions. I have to go... Bye.



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