A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


28. Day Twenty-Eight

January 12th, 2017: History

Well a lot of stuff happened. Right now, I'm in History and I'm super bored. Bye.


History: Watch Ed puzzle

Math: None

French: cahier pages 74 and 75                                                                                                                                       

Science: None

L.A: Do poem

January 12, 2017: Study hall

So we played giant monkey in the middle at recess. It was super fun. I'm gonna read my book. See ya!

January 12, 2017: French

I was reading cause I finished the activity and my teacher was like, "You didn't finish the questions." and I did so I showed her and she was like, "Well, I don't want you reading in my class. Ugh. I hate school. 14 more minutes. I'll write later if I don't die. TTYL.

January 12, 2017: Dining room

So we were coming home from a fun meeting when Dad hit a pot hole. We got home late and blew a tire. Not fun. I got to go, it's 10:16PM. Night.


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