A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


38. Day Thirty-Eight

January 23rd, 2017: Art

 I got up early and the cat scared the crap out of me. I have 3 tests I need to take. On Saturday, I hung out with Mason and Eliza till late at night and then we went over across the street till 9PM and hung out with my highschool friend Abby. On Sunday, I hung out at the park the whole day and played with a lot of kids till I ended up hanging with Abby and her brother again. I gtg though. Bye!


Art: None

History: Finish #020 on GC

Math: #045 on EdPuzzle

French: Video sheet, clean out binder, 10 min sheet.

Science: Skeleton Notes!!! FINISH


January 23rd, 2017: History

I'm kinda bored right now but I gtg. I'll write in Math.

Study Hall List:

1. History, take test

2. Math, take test

3. Science notes and math hw

January 23rd, 2017: French

So I don't have much homework which is good. I gtg. Talk later.

January 23rd, 2017: Science

We are really bored... I love science though. Okay i'll write later! Bye!

January 23rd, 2017: LA

So I got to hang with Emma but other than that, boring. Heading to drama so i'll write later. Bye.

January 23rd, 2017: Bedroom

So Aubree isn't completely mad at me anymore! Yay! We're chatting now. I'm gonna go. Bye!

January 23rd, 2017: Bedroom

So I met Aubree's friend Rina and I got minecarft for my computer. I then got in another fight with Dad. I'm really mad at the moment. It's 10:49. Night.

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