A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


4. Day four

December 18, 2016: House

So my dad woke me up by blaring music. I then went to this knife store and found a knife I really like. We're going to lunch soon. There was a cute boy at the knife store...

December 18, 2016: In the car.

Do you ever ponder life? Like do you ever once say, "What would it be like if I..." I do that a lot. Right now it's either, "What would it be like if I froze in this car." or, "What would it be like if I died?" I think I rather die in my sleep. It would be less painful. I also sometimes think, "What if I died in hot lava or if I froze?" Like, which one would hurt more? I'd think if you would freeze, it would hurt more cause it would take longer. I also wonder if it would hurt more if you jumped off a bridge. I'm just pondering, wondering, wandering... That's sounds like a song! "I'm just pondering, wondering, wandering down this empty road. Don't know which way's home." I like that. Do you? Winter is pretty when there's snow. But otherwise, it's gloomy. It's SO cold! I'll write later.


Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh. x2

One step closer. Thinking slowly. I'm just pondering, wondering, wandering alone, don't know which ways home. Crying, trying, dying inside, my mind is slowly gone. So I'm saying goodbye to the place I love so I can live on my own. So long to the world and the wind and the sky. And my life.

December 18, 2016: In bed

So we took my dad's friend to the airport then came home. One of his other friends came over and gave me a worry stone so I hung it on a chain. Then we went to the store and we bought ingredients for these little french cookies. I made them all by myself and burned my hand in the process. One word: Ouch! I then made extra for my friends. Then my dad's friend's daughter came to visit and her and I hung out for a bit before she had to go. Then I went to my room and watched tv till 9:30pm when I realized I had homework. I quickly did it then called my friend. Her username on here is @my.sanity. We talked for a little bit until my dad yelled for me to get off the phone. It's now 10:29pm and I got to go to bed! Oh! There's only two days of school left!!! See ya tomorrow! Byeeee!

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