A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


45. Day Forty-Five

February 5th, 2017: Dining Room

So I ended up shopping the whole day and we also went to AtHome and bought Tootsie, my cat,  a new bed. It looks like a princess bed and it's super pretty! We're still decorating it. We're going shopping later today. We also made chili last night. The bathroom's coming along pretty well and I gotta go clean my room. I also bought yesterday a Rate Your Day Book. I got another diary for when this one is done. I'll see you later! Bye.

Shopping List-

39" white fabric

88" Baby blue Ribbon

White black & Blue tiny pillows

February 5th, 2017: Living room

So I'm home alone right now. I got in a fight with Eli. That's what caused me to be home alone. I'm gonna get some candy and watch Fuller House. Bye!

February 5th, 2017: In bed

So miles and Lizzie came back over and we hung out for a little. Then I got in a HUGE fight with my dad and I almost ran away... for real... :( I miss Mom. The only thing keeping me here is Tootsie... So yeah. I'm planning on getting some hugs from my friends. I need it... :( I'll see you tomorrow. It's 9:04PM. Night.

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