A Chapter A Day

This is a story based off of what happens/happened in my life. The characters names are different but other then that, it's the cold, hard truth.


11. Day Eleven

December 25th, 2016: Living room

So I got a guinee pig at my mom's  named Cashew and I love him so much.

List Of Gifts


Gma & Gpa: Gift card, 2 bracelets, doll vases porcelain dolls

Mom: 2 phone cases,  VR set, Fingerless gloves, doll bed, Cashew

Sandy: Gift card


Grandma and Grandma: Jewelry mirror

Phil and Kim: Gift card

Dad: xbox my new diary, knife, fidgit toy, speaker, rubix cube, art set, kite, simon says

December 25th, 2016: In bed

So Mason and Eliza came over today and we played on the xbox till 9:30pm. They are hopefully spending the ight tomorrow. I had a great christmas. It was so much fun! See ya all tomorrow, bye!



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