Kalon Serendipity ∞ l.h

(n.) a beauty that is more than skin deep

(n.) finding something nice, while looking for something else


(May contain scenes with sex, language, drug, and self-harm use. Read at your own caution)

©Sexting5sos 2014 All Rights Reserved


4. 0.3


After my conversation with Calum we headed back to the table to spot Ashton glaring at Luke, and Michael was just eating his food minding his own business.

"What's going on?" I asked sitting in my spot I left.

"Ashton's mad at me" Luke shrugged and I looked at Ashton.

"Why?" I asked towards Ashton.

"Luke's being a fucking douche again" Ashton groaned.

"I'm being my normal self" Luke said and I rolled my eyes.

"That's not your normal self from what I've heard" I mumbled as all eyes were on me. Luke dropped his juice and turned to me.

"What?" He asked

"This whole ass hole act, it's not you!" I said looking at Luke hard. "Being cocky and rude! That's not fucking you and I know it's not!" I yelled at him standing up as my hair went in my face. I moved the hair away from my eyes and saw Luke towering over me.

"You wouldn't understand shit Camille" he yelled back.

"I could understand enough!" I said as I looked at Calum. "Repair a broken heart my ass! I'm done" I said grabbing my phone and turning to Calum.

"Camille" Calum whined and I shook my head putting my hands up and shaking my head.

"Calum you're nice and all that, but if I need to repair that freak show!" I said pointing to Luke. "I'm not! I may remind you of her but I'm not her because I'm my own person. See you in class" I said walking towards the street.

"Where are you going?" Michael yelled.

"To get food!" I yelled back tying my hair back.

I started to head down the road when a car pulled beside me, a black car. The windows unrolled revealing Luke as he honked and stopped in front if me. Turning to him annoyed I huffed.

"What?" I asked annoyed

"Need a ride?" He asked boredly as I crossed my arms over my chest.

"Why?" I asked

"Just get in! This will be quicker than walking" he shot back as I debated looking around and sighed getting in the passenger seat.

Setting myself in his seat he drove and turned the music up. Somewhere in Neverland started playing as I hummed along.

"You know this song?" He asked turning it down a bit.

"Yeah. It's my favourite song" I said looking out of the window.

"The boys fancy you" he said and I looked at him. He had sunglasses on and was looking straight ahead.

"Whatever" I mumbled and he sighed.

"As a friend. They think you're a good influence and can repair a heart. What heart were they talking about?" He asked and I moved in my seat nervously.

"Beats me" I mumbled as he looked at me at a red light as I looked over at him.

"Tell me" he said and I shook my head

"Why should I? You've been a fucking douche to me" I scoffed and he groaned.

"I'm not a people person" he said and I laughed

"No way?! I wonder how those people ended up being your friends" I laughed as he glared at me stepping on the gas causing my heart to increase and tears to fall. "Stop!" I cried as he looked over to me. He slowed down pulling into Starbucks.

"I was just having fun!" He said calmly as I shook my head.

"It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt" I mumbled wiping my eyes.

"Why'd you cry?" He asked looking concerned.

"Why the hell do you care? You are probably going to be nice to me just to get close then you're going to screw me over! I know those types so just stop trying to be cocky and cool!" I said frustrated.

"I'm sorry" he said sighing.

"That's what they all say." I said getting out and entering Starbucks.

I went up to the counter and ordered a Vanilla Bean Frappé and a biscotti cookie as I walked back to his car to see him leaning against it smoking a cigarette. Scowling at him smoking I got in the car and placed my cup in the cup holder as I ate my cookie.

He entered in the car and drove back to the school.

"Smoking's unhealthy and is disgusting on so many levels" I said at a red light.

"We are all going to die someday" he shrugged and I looked at him.

"If you ever want a girlfr-"

"Don't say that fucking word!" He snapped and I rose a brow.

"Why the fuck not?" I answered back.

"They always end up leaving you anyways so why have one?" He asked as I saw a tear fall.

"They wouldn't leave if boys weren't douche bags" I said as we parked in the school.

"You wouldn't understand" he sighed placing his head on the wheel.

"No I wouldn't, because boys are pigs and want nothing than to screw you over" I snapped getting out of the car as I drank my drink walking into the school.


"Fuck!" I cussed at myself as I got out of my car and towards the school to see her in front of her locker.

I heard a sob and saw she leaned against the locker sliding down and tucking her head in between her legs as she shook.

Do I go over there and comfort her? No. I did that with Isabelle and that's how we dated was me being a friend and comforting her.

Yeah Camille reminds me if Isabelle, a lot. I mean I already feel a connection with her. But being a douche to get her to hate me has to happen because I can't fall hard again.

When Isabelle moved to America I was broken and used girls, drugs and alcohol as an escape. Isabelle was the girl I loved, I even told her so many times and she moved.

When I first saw Camille enter this school I knew id be falling hard. The moment I looked into her beautiful deep blue eyes I knew I was a gonner.

Just her whole self reminded me of Isabelle. Her eyes, lips, face, her hair, her height, her personality, her body. Just everything about her reminded me of Isabelle.

Should I comfort her now? Or continue being a douche so I can never be happy?

Last thing I knew was my body sitting sitting beside Camille on the ground and I wrapped my arms around her tiny frame as she didn't care who it was, she cried into my chest. Before I knew it my heart was speaking instead of my mind.

"I'm sorry"

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