Kalon Serendipity ∞ l.h

(n.) a beauty that is more than skin deep

(n.) finding something nice, while looking for something else


(May contain scenes with sex, language, drug, and self-harm use. Read at your own caution)

©Sexting5sos 2014 All Rights Reserved


3. 0.2


The morning went by pretty quickly and soon enough it was lunch meaning I had to either buy cafeteria food, or find a place near the school.

"Hey Calum" I said on our way back from English.

"Yeah?" He asked looking down at me.

"Is there a subway near by or something?" I asked and he chuckled.

"Just eat here, the food won't kill you" he chuckled some more as we placed our books in our lockers. "Just warning you that my friends aren't really, I don't know. Normal?" He said as I laughed a bit

"It's fine. Who cares if they are normal." I replied.

"Well Luke he's sorta hasn't been himself since his last girlfriend moved out of the country. So he's rebelled" Calum chuckled nervously.

"Rebelled?" I asked as I quirked a brow. Calum sighed and looked around.

"He's gotten some tattoos and piercings. He may also smoke a bit but we don't want him too" Calum said worriedly as I saw a tear leave and I frowned. "And I want someone to repair his broken heart." Calum finished looking at me.

Woah! Repair his broken heart? Is he serious right now? "How do you expect that to happen?" I asked crossing my arms over my chest.

"You remind me of her, and if Luke met you he'd return to normal instead of playing with every girl who falls at his feet" Calum said and I shook my head closing my locker.

"So you want me to flirt with someone I don't even know? Can't I be his friend first then woo him? Or is that not an option?" I asked getting annoyed.

"Uh" he tried finding the right words.

"Let's just go eat lunch before I start yelling at you" I grumbled as I turned on my heel and walking towards to cafeteria waiting for Calum.

"What are you doing?" He asked me and I rose a brow.

"Going to go get food. You coming?" I asked and he shook his head.

"Nah I'm heading to the group" he said

"Where do they sit?" I asked

"Outside as usual" he called as he walked away.

Debating whether to eat or not I grumble and groan and follow Calum's body towards the front entrance. I see him sit with two other people as I sit beside Calum.

"Who's this?" I heard one boy and look up to see a pair of hazel eyes staring at me. The boy in front if me had a mess if curly hair on top of his head. He wore a simple white tee shirt and black skinnies with his converse.

"Yeah who is this?" Another boy said with green eyes. His hair consisted of blonde with some brown highlights. His attire was a dark blue tee shirt and black skinny jeans as well as his vans.

Calum wore a simple red shirt with black skinny jeans and vans.

"Boys, this is Camille. Camille, that's Ashton and Michael" Calum said and I nodded smiling.

"Hello" I waved as they did too.

"Tell us about yourself?" Ashton asked as I heard a lunch tray slam beside me. Causing Ashton's smile to fade along with everyone else's.

"I fucking hate that prick of a chemistry teacher" I heard the boy grumble as I looked down at my lap.

"Luke, it's fine" Calum assured him and I bit my lip.

"Luke you're in honours chemistry, let it go" Michael said causing me to smile as a chuckle escaped my lips.

"Who the hell are you?" I heard him say in a rude tone making me look up. My dull boring blue eyes met with his beautiful blue eyes. His blonde hair was in a quiff as his attire consisted of a black tee shirt and black skinny jeans with black converse.

"Why do you deserve to know?" I asked back in the same tone causing everyone to stifle a laugh. I smirked at the tall boy in front of me as he bit his lip.

"Because I haven't seen you here before and I know what every girl looks like in this school" he shot back.

"Really?" I asked unamused

"Yeah because I've basically slept with them" he smirked taking a bite of his sandwich.

"And you think I give two shits?" I asked him as he open and closed his mouth. "For the record. You need better communication skills my friend" I said taking the other half if his sandwich and eating it.

"That's my food!" He whined and I shrugged.

"Sharing is caring Lucas" I said as I grabbed my phone checking the time then putting it back.

"Who gave you the right to sit with us?" He asked clearly annoyed by my presence.

"Hoodie" I said pointing at Calum beside me.

"But you're rude" he answered back as I turned to Luke after he said that smiling.

"It takes one to fucking know one." I said as Ashton laughed and Michael did later causing me to smile.

"Excuse me?" He asked.

"You didn't hear me? I was hoping you did" I shrugged and he groaned.

"You're so annoying" he said as I shrugged

"Do you think I care?" I asked taking his Oreo.

"Don't you have a lunch?" He asked rudely.

"No?" I questioned

"Get your own then" he shot back glaring at me.

"Are you mad cause I actually know what to say?" I asked and turned my attention towards Calum.

"What?" He asked

"Can I talk to you?" I asked him as he nodded his head. I got up and grabbed Calum forcefully by the arm and pulled him to the side.

"That hurt" he whined rubbing his arm.

"You want me to fucking repair his broken heart?" I exclaimed quietly.

"Yeah" he answered honestly.

"How am I when he's being a first class pain in the fucking ass?" I asked getting annoyed.

"Anything! You're doing well" he smirked and I groaned.

"I'm being an ass to him cause he is to me. I don't deserve this Calum, and you know that" I said and he frowned nodding.

"I know I know. But Camille! We want him to smile and joke and laugh again. Please give him time!" Calum begged and I looked anywhere but him. Sighing and nodding he hugged me tight.

"You owe me so much Calum" I mumbled into his chest.

"I know"

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