Kalon Serendipity ∞ l.h

(n.) a beauty that is more than skin deep

(n.) finding something nice, while looking for something else


(May contain scenes with sex, language, drug, and self-harm use. Read at your own caution)

©Sexting5sos 2014 All Rights Reserved


2. 0.1

The sound of my alarm clock blares Katy Perry's Teenage Dream as I get myself out of bed. 
I shuffle my tired body over to my bathroom as I must get ready for school, for work, for the whole day. 
I finally bring myself to look in the mirror at my reflection. Gasping at what I see in front of me, I tug my bed clothes off and hop into the steamy hot shower as I wash away the sleep.
After twenty minutes I lug myself out and over to my wardrobe as I find my attire for the day, which consists of black skinny jeans and a hoodie due to the fact it's winter here in Australia and kinda chilly.
After putting those on I brush through the knotted mess of my wet hair and blow dry it causing it to look better but not quite. I grab my straightener and straighten my blonde long hair. After doing so I put in a tiny headband.
I grab my lotion and concealer putting that on my face to make myself look at least decent for the day. 
"Camille! Breakfast!" I hear my mum yell as I grab my book bag and walk down the stairs to be greeted by my mum setting my plate in my usual spot. 
She looks up and smiles as I force a smile back as I eat the scrambled eggs and one piece of toast with a glass if apple juice that is placed in front of me. 
"Are you excited for your first day?" My mum asks trying to bring up a conversation at the table. I shake my head. "Why?" She asks. "I thought everyone liked being the new kid cause you get to start over and make new and better friends" my mum added and I shrugged
"It's different for us. We don't want to try and fit in when we belonged at the previous place" I said as I picked at my eggs. 
"Camille" she started and I sighed
"I know, I know. It's better this way." I said as I placed my empty plate and cup in the sink as I took a headache pill.
"You may also meet the boy of your dreams here" my mum smirked and I groaned
"Boys suck and are weird. Plus, boys don't like me mum" I said shrugging as I walked into the bathroom as I heard her.
"They may you never know" my mum mumbled as I rolled my eyes.
I quickly brush my teeth but properly as I hear the bus and scramble as my mum hands me money and I grab my keys and bag running to the bus stop. I see the bus and book it getting there in time as I step onto the bus.
I look at each individual and see eyes on me and mumbles and whispers that are the same at each new school I attend.
"Who is she?"
"Is she new?" 
"She's not ugly"
"She's not fat"

Always the same murmurs as I find an empty seat near the front. 
I grab my phone and check the time seeing the bus ride should take at least ten minutes until another body gets on.
"Sorry Dan, I woke up late" I hear a boy's voice as I pay no attention to it as he walks past me getting into his regular seat. 
Time passed quickly and me being the am first off the bus goes to the school but confused as ever I look around.
"You lost?" I hear boys voice as I turn my attention to the boy standing in front of me. I nod my head and bit my lip.
"Yeah actually. Uh, where is the administrative office?" I asked him. He had dark brown hair and dark skin. His eyes were also brown and he was taller than me but skinnier. 
"Follow me" he smiled as he leads me. "What's your name?" He asked smiling down at me.
"What's it to you?" I asked smiling back as he shook his head.
"A pretty girl like you must got a name," he said and I blushed a bit as I shook my head.
"And what's your nameMr. Nosey?" I asked him as we reached the office.
"Why should I tell you if you won't tell me?" He asked biting his lip and stifling a laugh. 
"Touché," I said as I approached the lady at the front. "Excuse me?" I asked as the lady looked up and nodded
"May I help you?" She asked
"Uh, I need a timetable and a schedule and a locker," I said rambling on. 
"Name?" She asked bored of this conversation already.
"Camille Roberts" I answered and she nodded doing some typing and handing me my information. 
I turned around and faced the boy who smirked.
"Camille Roberts?" He asked chuckling as I punched his arm. 
"And what's your name?" I shot back. 
"Calum Hood" he answered and I chuckled.
"So you're from the hood?" I asked him as he laughed at my lame joke. 
"Uh no." He answered as he looked at my schedule. "Hey Camille, we have every single class together" he smirked as I nodded
"Oh?" I asked.
"And your locker is beside my friends. Actually by all of ours," he said and I nodded
"How many?" I asked him as he leads me to my locker. 
"Three. There's Luke, Michael and Ashton" he answered and I nodded. "Let's get your books," he said as we made our way to the room where they keep all the books. 
"Hello?" I heard a lady as she peeked her head out. 
"Hi, I need to collect some books," I said as she nodded.
"Name?" She asked and I smiled a bit.
"Camille Roberts" I answered and she gave me all my books. "What's our first class?" I asked and he smiled


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