Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


7. Choices and gozongas



 "He wants you to live in his house and work for him ? Like you get to see that gorgeous man with morning hair and to accidentally walk in on him showering. Why on earth haven't you said yes already ?" Danny looked at her.

 She sighed and rolled her eyes. It was so typical Danny. "Because I think about other things beside the possibility of oogling at Tom".

 "Well it is hard thinking about other things, I mean he is just that sexy right ? Did you meet the bitch this time ?" Danny looked at her very innocently.

 She thought of the very beautiful blonde woman. She had seemed a bit distant but not unfriendly. "Yes, I did meet Felicity and she was actually very nice to me".

 "Bah, that is nothing but an act. She should really be an actress. If you decides to say yes, you need to watch out for her sweetie". He said, looking sure he is right.

 Celestia looked at him disapprovingly, she didn't want to jump the gun here. "Maybe she really is nice, I mean why would Tom be with her if she wasn't".

 "He is a man, she is very beautiful and Tom might not know, he is so sweet himself, he might be easy to fool. She probably pulled out all the charms till she had him hooked". Danny shrugged.

 She chuckled. "You have high regards for a man you have never met. But you really think I should say yes ? That I should do this ?"

 "Yeah, I mean, you would get money and you get more time to find out what you want, if you don't feel ready to be a mother, you can always let them adopt". He said.

 She was thinking that he might be right, but then Danny said. "And who knows, maybe you can snatch that handsome man from her bitchy claws like a real life romance novel and you can have happily ever after with your little baby".

 "Oh yeah that is plausible, have you seen me ? I am not exactly Mr Hiddlestons type". She says shaking her head giggling.

 Danny rolls his eyes at her. "You don't know that, maybe he actually has good taste deep down and prefers a real woman".

 "Have you seen his fiancee ? She is like five inches taller than me and we probably weight about the same, not to talk about the women he dated before her". No a man like Tom would never find someone like her attractive.


 4 days later:

 "Wow that is a crazy story Tom. I don't really know whether to congratulate you or say that I am sorry". Ben looked at him over the kitchen counter.

 Tom shrugged, still not really knowing how to feel about all this himself. "Well I don't really know myself. It haven't totally sunk in yet I think".

 "But I am mostly shocked that you got Felicity to let her move in here with you. I mean she is usually quite jealous isn't she, doesn't she feel threatened at all ?" Ben asked.

 Tom shook his head, a small smile tugging at his lip. "She doesn't see Celestia as a threat. I think she has concluded that she is not my kind of woman".

 "Oh so what does she look like then ? Fat ? Ugly ? Bearded ? Is she here ? Can I see her ?" Ben looked around curiously.

 Tom chuckled. "Not here in the kitchen Ben, but yes she moved in yesterday. And well no to all of the above, but she is small and quite curvy. Felicity calls her chubby and plain. And speaking about the devil". Tom said as he heard a door close upstairs and small feet on the stairs.

 She stopped in the kitchen door when she saw them and Tom flashed her a friendly smile. "Celestia come say hallo to my best friend Ben".

 "Uh hi Ben, very nice to meet you". She sent him one of her sweet shy smiles, Tom already knew those very well.

 Ben got of his chair and took her hand, kissing it softly. "And so very nice to meet you Celestia. What a beautiful and unique name by the way".

 "Thank you. I am just going to grab some water and go back upstairs, is that okay ?" She blushed and pulled her hand from Ben's grasp, looking nervously at Tom.

 He smiled and opened the fridge, getting her the bottle of water. "Of course, here you go, and don't mind Ben, he means no harm".

 "Thank you". She took the water from his hand, her tongue running slowly over those full soft looking lips. "See you later Tom and I guess I see you around Ben".

 "I bet you will darling". Ben said and winked at her, making her blush again, and Tom kicked his chair rather hard.

 As soon as her footsteps had disappeared upstairs Tom glared at Ben. "Seriously ? Ben you are a married man, do I need to call Sophie ?"

 "Oh do shut up Hiddles, I know I am married, it was just a little innocent flirt. Like you have never done that, but if I hadn't been married... Are Felicity totally blind ?" Ben said with a  smirk.

 Tom chuckled. "In some ways she is. She has a very one tracked idea of beauty and being attractive, and Celestia doesn't fit into that box".

 "You sly dog Hiddles. I would end up getting motion sickness if I had those gazongas walking around my house". Ben made a pretty rude hand gesture indicating her full breasts.

 Tom slapped the back of his head. "Get you mind out of the gutter and seriously did you just refer to her breasts as gazongas ?"

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