Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


2. Being told


 "Sweetie the clinic just called, they need to see us a fast as possible". Tom looked up as his fiance Felicity opened the door to his office, as always without knocking first.

 He looked up from his script, a bit confused, why would the clinic call at this time of the month ? "Oh, did they say what it was about ? Do I need to go, I kind of need this done".

 "Tom it could be important, and they said they need to see us both. So yes, you have to go". She glared at him in that way she does when she want him to just shut up and do as he is told.

 He smiled, trying to smooth out the tension. The hormones she took in hope of getting pregnant put her a bit on the edge, and he knew not to push her. "Don't worry darling, I can do this later. Of course I am coming".

 She sent him a stif smile and turned in the door flouncing back out. "Then hurrie up. We need to go, it might be good news"

He sighed and put down his script before getting up. How could it be good news ? They already knew she wasn't pregnant this time either, and he was starting to get tired of all this baby stress and the raging hormones.

 He had been dating Felicity for three years now. Actually if he had to be totally honest, he had wanted to break it of about 1,5 year ago. But then she got pregnant and he couldn't leave her. He couldn't leave his child.

 But unfortunately she had a miscarriage, she wanted to try again right away and he kind of just went with it, he had been looking forward to being a father. It was his biggest unforfilled dream.

 After about a year and no luck what so ever, Felicity had called the clinic and got them appointments to get checked out. There was nothing wrong with him, but they were told that it was close to a miracle that Felicity had gotten pregnant the first time. Apparently the inviroment in her uterus killed of his swimmers before they could get to the egg. It also made it very hard for the egg to attach itself.

 So they started her on hormones and inseminations, but so far no luck, and he was starting to think it was just not meant to be.

 When he got downstairs Felicity was standing ready at the door with his jacket and car keys, so he put on his shoes and took his things from her. "Let's get going then and see what they want".


 "You got to be kidding. Are you seriously telling us that someone made a mistake and now some random girl is pregnant with Tom's baby ?" She shrieked in indignation.

 The poor doctor looked very apologetic and kind of scared. "I am afraid so Miss. Stevens. But he has of course been fired and is barred from practicing".

 "Oh, I am so gonna sue all of you and that woman better get an abortion". She was glaring at Tom, why wasn't he saying anything ?

 It couldn't be true, she was the one supposed to have Tom's baby. She had worked hard for this. The baby will be the thing securing that he will not leave her.

 She wasn't blind, she saw the look that flashed through his eyes sometimes when he looked at her. Regret was probably the most accurate word, and it had been there for almost two years now. With no pregnancy she feared he might loose patience.

 That was why she faked a pregnancy back then. She had the feeling he was about to break it of, but there was no way she was letting him slip out of her grasp. She was going to be Mrs. Hiddleston, she had worked hard to earn that titel.

 But of course she had to fake a miscarriage as well, before it got to obvious that there was no baby, but as Tom had been of abroad filming, it hadn't been hard.

 Tom of course had been devastated and she had moved fast, promising him they would just make a new baby right away, a baby would be a small price to get what she wanted. Not knowing she wasn't able to. 

 "I am sorry, but that would be up to the young lady, we can't force her to get an abortion". The doctor said firmly.

 Felicity looked at Tom, who were still just sitting there, looking utterly confused. "Tom you need to do something, pay her to get an abortion or something like that".

 "Maybe I could talk to her, see what she says. Maybe she doesn't want some strangers baby". He said, his eyes were still staring somewhere of in the distance.

 She looked at the doctor again. "Does she know who the father is ? Is she aware she is carrying Tom's baby ? Does she know what this means ?"

 "No, we haven't told her yet, we wanted to tell you first about this unfortunate event. To prepare you as we don't know what she will do". The doctor answered.

 Finally Tom looked up at the doctor, like he came out of a trance. He asked softly. "Why didn't you call us as soon as the mistake was discovered ?"

 "To be honest we didn't think there would be a problem. The young woman has had an operation for cervical cancer, she wasn't supposed to be able to get pregnant". The doctor scratched his neck.

 What the fuck, so some bitch who can't get pregnant, miraculously get pregnant with Tom from a mistake ? While they haven't managed to get her pregnant with seven tries. Felicity was searing with anger at the thought, it wasn't fair.

 "Is the young lady still here ?" Tom asked and when the doctor nodded, he continued. "Could I please talk to her then ?"

 "Yes of course, I will just go find her and make sure she is okay with it. Then I come back for you". The doctor got up and hurried out the room, clearly happy to get away from Felicity's anger.

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