Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


6. Meetings and lies



 "What exactly is it that you want me to do ? I mean for a job." She was a little thrown of, she hadn't expected that.

 Tom smiled, she is interested else she wouldn't have asked, it was a start at least. "You said your main concern was not having a job and your own place to live right ?"

 She nodded and he continued. "Well, Felicity could use some help around the house, nothing hard of course, just simple housework, cooking when I am away and such. She don't really care for such things".

 "Why are you offering me this Tom ? I mean, you don't have to" She looked at him, having a hard time understanding his motivations for this.

 His tongue darts out wetting his lips, his eyes gazing into hers. "Well to be honest, just as this might be your only chance at being a mother, it might be my only chance of being a father. And that is something I would actually like to become".

 "Oh". She hadn't thought about it like that, it couldn't be easy for them, especially not Felicity, as she apparently was the one who had problems getting pregnant.

 He sat down on the edge of the table. "The pay wouldn't be big, but enough to live for and save something up, but you would get a big bedroom with your own shower, free food and everything for the baby".

 "And when the baby comes then what ?" It sounded great, much better than sleeping on a couch, but could she do it ? There had to be a catch.

 His beautiful blue eyes caught hers. "Well it depends on what you want. If you want to keep the baby, we have to work out a way of co-parenting and if you don't wanna keep it, we could adopt it. It would be up to you".

 That does sound good, but will it work in real life ? How will Felicity feel about having her in the house as a reminder that she is carrying Tom's baby ? And how will she feel about living in the same house as this gorgeous and sexy man ?

 "Could I get a little time to think about it ? Make sure I make the rigth choice for me". She bit her lip.

 He smiled and nodded. "Of course, you need to do the right thing for you, but I really hope that you will do this. To be totally honest, I want this baby".

 There was a couple of minutes of silence as she took in what he had said. He seemed to really want the baby. Well he even said he did. She didn't feel it would be fair taking that possibility away from him.

 "A cup of tea ?" He asked, and when she nodded he walked out into the kitchen putting on the kettle. He wanted to give her some time alone to think.

 He still thought that it was a great idea, he would get to be a father and Felicity could get of those damn hormones and maybe ease of on all the baby talk. Their relationship could go back to normal. And for a moment he couldn't help thinking if normal was a good thing. But he pushed it away.

 But he had to admit to himself that it wouldn't be easy having this sexy little thing running around in the house. Luckily for him Felicity wouldn't know to be jealous. In her world of perfection Celestia was chubby and plain and she didn't know that Tom saw the world quite differently.

 Right then he heard the front door open, Felicity was home, and he hurried out to greet her, hoping she would be in a good mood and put on her best behaviour or she might scare Celestia into saying no.

 "Hi darling, did you have a good day ?" He took her coat and kissed her lightly.

 She rolled her eyes and sighed, kicking of her high heels. "No, boring meetings with boring people about boring things".

 "Sorry to hear, but Celestia is in the living-room. I am just making tea, so go say hallo, and please be nice to her darling". He said in a low voice for their guest not to hear.

 Felicity walked into the living-room, knowing she had to put on her best behaviour. Tom had gotten the stupid idea into his head that he wanted that baby, and she knew that her future as Mrs Hiddleston wasn't as secure as she liked it to be.

 "Hi you must be Celestia, so nice to finally meet you". She said walking into the living-room, eyeing the young woman on the couch. Well Tom had been rigth, there was no reason to be nervous about having her around, she wasn't the kind of woman she had to fear would seduce her fiance.

 The other woman stood up, she was small and curvy, with a pretty but in Felicitys eyes plain face, but she did have a nice smile and she just knew Tom would have been eyeing those voluptuous breasts. She had seen him do it several times when they went out. But that was just how men were.

 "Oh hi, you must be Felicity, so nice to meet you too and I am so sorry about all this". Celestia said shaking her hand.

 Felicity put on her best fake smile, thinking that of course she weren't sorry, she had to be loving this. She was probably some desperat fan, happy about this. "Well don't be sweetie, it is not like it is your fault".

 Tom came in to the room carrying three cups of tea, and Felicity once again cursed herself for pretending to like the stuff when they first started dating, she hated tea.

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