Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


9. Bad bad Tom



 2 weeks later

 Tom walked through the door, he was home early from rehearsing the new play he was doing, due to some electrical malfunction and he wondered if she was home. But it was the wrong woman on his mind and it made him feel a bit bad, he should be hoping his fiancee was home, but instead he hoped Celestia was there.

 Over the last couple of weeks he had found himself talking with her more and more often, he found her much easier to have an actual conversation with, than he ever did with Felicity. And if he was completely honest with himself, he was sometimes wondering why he was with Felicity in the first place ? They weren't really compatible in many ways.

 He knew that Felicity wouldn't be home for at least a couple of hours and he walked upstairs, telling himself that he needed to ask her when her next doctors appointment was.

 "Darling are you home ?" He stuck his head into her room, but it was empty, then he heard that the water was running in her bathroom. He knew he should leave her room, but it was like something was pulling at him, begging him to just take one quick glance, telling him it wouldn't hurt anyone.

 To be honest, he had been thinking to much about her lately and in very inappropriate situations, like when he imagined how she would feel under him the other night when he had sex with Felicity.

 He snuck up to the door, which she had left ajar, feeling very much like a stalker, hoping she wouldn't discover him, peaking into the bathroom, just as she stepped under the water.

 As his eyes started wandering up her legs he knew that he was being really bad, but he just couldn't help it, she had nice legs, they were shapely and looked soft.

 Right before she turned under the water he caught a glimps of her ass, making his throat dry, it was round and perky, just begging to be grabbed.

 When she turned around, he noticed that she had a small patch of dark curls, which to him was almost exotic, Felicity was always complety waxed down there and he couldn't remember the last time he had seen a woman with any hair down there.

 He felt his cock stir, as his eyes continued to run over her wet body, her stomach was flat, but not toned or muscular, more feminine and soft looking, but most definitely not fat or chubby.

 When his eyes reached her voluptuous breasts, his pants were feeling quite constrictive and his breathing was getting shallow.

 Oh God those breast he couldn't keep his eyes of, that made him think so very naughty thoughts and now he could see them in their full glory, water and soap running over them. There was no doubt they were all natural, but there were very full and perky, he had expected them to be heavier due to their size.

 He wanted to go, he knew he was doing something he shouldn't, it wasn't okay for him to watch her without her knowledge and it wasn't okay towards Felicity either. But then her hands startes running down her body, soaping in those breasts and he couldn't help imagining it was his hands, she moaned lightly and her pink nipples contracted under her touch.

 His hand moved down, trying to adjust himself through the pants to relief the uncomfortable tightness, but the contact made him moan, and he couldn't help rubbing his erection just a bit through his pants.

 As her hand slid down between her thighs he realised what she was doing, and he had to bite his lip to stop from making a very undignified sound she would probably have heard. Oh my God, it was such a turn on watching her like that, playing with herself and he was actually contemplating what would happen if he walked in there and offered her a hand or maybe something more.

 But then he heard the front door open, and he cursed lowly hurrying out from her room and downstairs to greet his fiancee.

 Felicity wondered why Tom was at home ? She had seen his car parked out front, he wasn't supposed to be home before later. "Hi darling, got of early because of some electric trouble, I have been waiting for you". Tom came almost sprinting down the stairs.

 She recognized the look on his face and the glint in his eyes at once, and had she any doubt they would have been removed when he hugged her, and she clearly felt his erection press aganist her, he was horny as hell right now.

 What had he been doing before she came home ? Had he been watching porn or something ? She felt a pang of annoyance. "I have a very long and tiresome day Tom". She said sighing, she really weren't in the mood for his antics right now.

 He pressed her back against the wall, his hand finding her breast through her silk blouse. "Come on baby, I help you relax".

 "No Tom, I am not in the mood". She removed his hand from her breast and gently pushed him away.

 His hand grabbed her hair, pulling her head slightly back, his eyes burning. "You have been saying no to me a lot lately, is something wrong darling ?"

 "Let go of me Tom, that hurts". She looked up at him, and he released her, looking a bit surprised by his own actions.

 She shook her head, she thought she had picked that rough streak out of him a long time ago, when they started dating, he had been a bit rough with her the first couple of times they had sex, but she had slowly but surely told him what was and wasn't acceptable, and pulling her hair most certainly wasn't acceptable.

 "And no nothing is wrong, work is just very taxing right now, and with not trying to get pregnant and finally being of hormones, well my body just needs a break". She said.

 He had a very disappointed look on his face. "But I am horny baby, please, just something, if you body needs a break, I would be very happy to settle for you mouth or even your hand".

 She rolls her eyes as he was all but humping her, they had sex two nights ago, he had nothing to complain about, he just had to realise that they were long past that sex every day phase of their relationship.

 "I said no Tom, and no I am not giving you a blow job either, if you are that needy you have a right hand". She said, pushing him of her and walking into the kitchen.

 She heard him curse under his breath as he walked upstairs, well if he wanted to sit up there and sulk about not getting sex, then she would let him.

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