Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


11. Feeling hurt by rejection



 "Honey I am sorry, I was acting a bit stupid earlier. I just missed you and got a little carried away". It was the same evening and he walked into Felicitys office, where she was working.

 She looked up from her papers. "It's fine Tom. But sometimes you act like a teenager, we are grown ups Tom, with taxing careers. I simply don't have the energy to have sex every day".

 "But sweetie, don't you miss the passion sometimes ? The unplanned 'I just want you right now' fucks ?" He closes the door behind him, looking at her.

 She was still looking at her papers, sighing like he was an annoying child. "No, not really Tom. I don't like it rough or messy, I like my sex like everything else in my life, pleasant and ordely".

 "Come on Felicity. We are still young. We don't have kids. This is the time for spur of the moment sex, when ever and where ever we like". He walks over to her.

 She looked up at him, looking a bit impatient. "Well, but then you decided to move another woman into the house Tom. You might not mind her watching, but I wouldn't want her to walk in on us".

 "Come on darling, she wont come in here, I could even lock the door". He let his eyes run over her, she still was beautiful, but she radiated cold not warmth.

 He had to try, had to ignite the spark, if he is to keep from going crazy. So he walked over to her, bending down to kiss her. Then he pulled her up with him, she kissed him back, but not overly enthusiastic, and he found himself thinking of the kiss he shared with Celestia.

 And the thought of that kiss, brought on thoughts of her enticing body, making him grunt. He lifted Felicity up on the table, trying to pull of her silk blouse, hearing it rip.

 She pushed him of her. "Fuck Tom, this is a gucci blouse for Gods sake, do you know how much that cost you idiot ?"

 "No, honestly I don't, but I'll get you a new one. Come on darling, lets live a little". He tried to grab her waist again.

 She held up a hand. "Don't touch me Tom. I told you earlier, that I am not in the mood, and now you ripped my blouse and messed up my papers. Do you really think that gets me in the mood ?"

 "Maybe not, but I thought I might be able to get you in the mood". He said, feeling like an idiot because she looked at him like he was one. Her rejecting him again was like a physical pain in his chest.

 She started sorting out her papers. "Just leave me alone Tom. Go play with yourself or something, I have work to do and now papers to sort as well".

 "Fine, don't tell me I didn't try". He stalked of angry and hurt. What could he do ? He felt unwanted and unloved and it wasn't a good feeling at all.

 Felicity cursed to herself as Tom left her office, like she hadn't enough work to do already, and now she needed to sort out those papers as well. And he had ripped one of her favorite blouses in another one of his sexual outbursts, she was getting tired of those.

 One of the few advantages of this whole mess, was that now when she wasn't trying to get pregnant, she didn't need to have sex all the time. She never really had a big sex drive and it wasn't getting bigger. It was just to time consuming.

 Not that it was bad, no Tom was actually a very skilled lover, probably the best she ever had, but he was to needy. If he got his way they would be at it like rabbits and he sometimes had a bit of a rough streak she didn't care for.

 If she hadn't desired to be his wife so much, she hadn't stuck through it, and she wished they could just get the wedding over and done so she didn't have to give into him quite so often.  She really had to push him for a date and start planning the wedding, she needed to get that ring on him soon.


 "Are you asleep baby ?" Tom asked softly as he slid down under the covers a couple of hours later. He snuggled into her. Sliding his arm around her waist.

 She contemplated ignoring him, pretending to be asleep. But well if she wanted him to move up the wedding she probably had to give him just a bit. "No still awake".

 "What is happening to us baby ? You used to be unable to keep your hands of me". He mumbled against her neck. She rolled her eyes unseen to him. She might have let on liking sex a lot more than she actually did, but she had wanted to reel him in.

 She turned to face him. "Reality Tom. Work, stress, growing older. You need to realise that we can't keep acting like teenagers newly in love. No one does that after years of dating".

 "I just miss you baby. Miss us and the passion". He had one hand on her back, slowly running it up and down her spine. She almost rolled her eyes again, but stopped herself. She knew very well what would happen next.

 He pulled her into him, kissing her softly. But it got more heated really fast. His hands sliding around to the front, cupping her breast. He started to knead it softly. "And what's with all the clothes in bed love ? Almost feel like you don't want me to touch you".

 "Just to cold without it and well people could come by". She said. She always slept in her silk pyjamas. He prefered sleeping naked but she insisted he wore boxer shorts.

 "People could come by ? In our bedroom ?" He chuckled and started to remove her pyjamas shirt. Very carefully unbuttoning it. He gently pushed her down on her back. Kissing down over her chest to her nipple, sucking it into his mouth, playing with it.

 She couldn't help responding, moaning slightly. It did feel good, he knew very well what he was doing. But after 10 minutes she kind of lost patience. "Tom I need to get up early tomorrow. Could we get a move on here".

 "Oh.. I just wanted to make it good for you". He sounded a bit hurt. But she really didn't have time or patience for an hour long session. She just wanted it over with, so she could sleep.

 He pulled of her pants and panties and then his boxers. She was looking at him, he really did look good naked. She loved that a lot of women was jealous of her for having him. 

 His hands ran up her legs, parting them and she waited for him to get going but nothing happened, and she looked up at him. "What is taking you so long ?"

 "Uhhm, slight problem". He blushed lightly and looked down himself, her gaze following his and she saw that his erection was gone.

 "What ? You have been begging for sex all day and when I give in you go limp on me ? Oh for God's sake how pathetic". She pulled away from him and grabbed her clothes.

 "Maybe you could.. you know help a bit.. I am sure if you just showed it a little love it would be ready in no time". He said almost pleading.

 She put on her clothes and turned her back to him. "It isn't my fault you are such a pussy. Good night Tom and if you need to masturbate please go downstairs and remember only in the bathroom". She turned of the light.

 He laid down his back to her. Pulling the covers over him. He tried to keep back the sobs, crying silently into his pillow. He had humiliation enough without her seeing him cry.

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