Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


10. The woman he shouldn't be thinking of


 Celestia came out from her room, on her way down to the kitchen, just as Tom came stomping up the stairs. She could see his teeth were gritted and his jaw tense. "Hi Tom, is something wrong ?"

 "No, just need to be alone". His voice were strained and his whole body tense. She had never seen him like that, he seemed hurt and frustrated and she wondered what had happened.

 Celestia knew she probably should leave him be, but she didn't like seeing him like that. "Did something happen at the theatre ?"

 "No it is just .. Oh just leave me alone okay ?" He shook his head lightly, pressing his eyes closed, then started to walk by her. His whole body rigid.

 Okay she had never been good at leaving things alone, and today was not any better than other days. "You look really upset, something did happen didn't it ?"

 "Fuck women, I told you to leave me alone, didn't I ?" His head snapped up, his eyes were burning with anger, but also with something else, and she had to admit that right there, he scared her a bit.

 He took two long strides, backing her up against the wall, and she wondered what he would do. He was way to close and he was towering over her. "I tell you what is wrong, my dear fiancee refuses to fuck me and even when she lets me have some, it is on her premises every time and oh so fucking boring". 

 "Oh sorry Tom, I shouldn't have kept asking you. It is none of my business". She felt sorry for him, and frankly thought that Felicity had to be some kind of crazy to refuse that man.

 He smiled at her, but it was an almost predatory smile. "But you know what the worst part is darling ? She isn't even the one I would really like to fuck right now".

 And before she had a chance to react his lips were crashing down on hers, and she gasped with surprise, leaving an opening for his tongue to invade her mouth. Her brain was shutting totally down, unable to comprehend what was happening. Her body reacting on instinct and her instinct when being kissed by a man like that, was kissing him back for all she is worth.

 Her hands was entangled in his hair, pulling lightly at it and she was sucking on his tongue, making his head spin. Oh God he wanted to push her back into her room and do really naugthy things to her, not even caring that Felicity was downstairs. Right then his most basic instincts were ruling him.

 "Shit, I am so sorry Celestia, I..I don't know what happened, I shouldn't have done that". He had ripped his mouth from hers. He looked at her, fighting his urge to take it further, he had already been so bad.

 She just stared at him with big wide eyes, looking equally surprised and turned on by his behaviour. Her breathing coming out in little gasps "It's okay Tom, I wont tell her".

 "Thank you, and I am so sorry, I was just frustrated. I hope you trust this isn't my normal behaviour". He needed to get away right that instant, or he was probably going to do something very stupid.

 He was relieved when she smiled at him, at least she wasn't mad at him. "No need to keep apologising Tom, I know you meant no harm".

 "Thank you". He said before almost running to his bedroom and slamming the door behind him. He threw himself on the bed and screamed muffled down into his pillow. What on earth had he just done ? Fuck he had totally lost control and acted like a total jerk. Shit Felicity could have come up the stairs and seen them and all hell would have been loose.

 But what a kiss, he closed his eyes remembering the feeling of her hands in his hair and the way she sucked on his tongue. Felicity never kissed him like that anymore, actually he didn't quite remember if she ever had.

 A part of him regrettet stopping, but he wasn't that kind of man. He wasn't a cheater, and he was after all engaged. They had talked about a summer wedding, he made his promises, he couldn't just break them, again he wasn't that kind of man. After all it was to be for better and worse, this was just a periode they had to work through.

 And it was just lust wasn't it, the combination of that sexy little body and the way she moved it so enticingly and the fact that Felicity had been holding out on him a lot lately.

 But it was just a period right ? She had a lot going on at work and all this baby business, she was entitled to have a slow period, it didn't give him permission to cheat. And if he had to be honest, he probably had a pretty high sex drive. He couldn't expect any woman to keep wanting sex every day after being together for years, it had to be normal for the passion to die down. Felicity kept telling him that.

 But something else had dawned on him when he blurted it out to Celestia, sex had gotten more and more boring, Felicity had made more and more rules for what he could do and where and when. It was like sex was a scheduled activity.

 Not that it wasn't still nice. Well sex was kind of like pizza, even when it was bad, it was still kind of good. But there was just no real fun or playfulness left and not much passion.

 He had to try and change that back, maybe that could rekindle the flame too, and get his thoughts away from the woman in the room down the hall, the woman he shouldn't be thinking of in that way.

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