Having Toms baby

Celestia is 27 years old and she has been told she can never have kids do to cervical cancer, but she is just happy to be alive and cancer free, it is not like she has someone to have a baby with anyway.
Tom and his fiance Felicia has been trying to get pregnant for two years know, but it don't seem to happen.
What happens when a human error leaves Celestia pregnant With Toms baby ?


13. Unpassionated


 1 month later

 Celestia hears the front door open and feels her heart beat a little faster. Tom has been in New York for ten days and she had actually missed him. But of course she couldn't say that out loud. Before he left they had spent more and more time together. She loved talking with him and she actually no longer saw the actor Tom Hiddleston, she just saw Thomas, the most amazing man she had ever met.

 "Where are my beautiful girls ?" He called from the hallway and she heard Felicity huff annoyed from the other couch.

 "We are in the living-room Tom". Celestia called out. And she heard him drop his bags on the floor. Felicity sent her a ice cold stare. She had become more and more cold towards her.

 Tom came into the room and he lighted up in a big smile and hurried over to Celestia. Pulling her up from the couch and hugging her. "Hi darling. Don't you just glow".

 "Hi Tom". She said. She was feeling a bit uncomfortable from the glare Felicity was sending them. But Tom didn't seem to notice. He just fell to his knee gently caressing her growing stomach. "Hallo daddy's little munchkins. I hope you are growing in there and being good to your mommy".

 She couldn't help smiling at him, her hands next to his on her stomach. "They are behaving perfectly, I almost haven't had any nausea".

 "Good to hear. Oh and I am looking so much forward to the scan tomorrow". He said getting up and turning towards Felicity. "Hi darling. Missed me ?"

 She arched one perfect eyebrow and rolled her eyes. "Oh yes so much. I am so desperate and dependent on you that I can't be without you for ten days".

 "So, not at all ? Not just a little bit ?" He slowly walked over to her, grabbed her hand and pulled her up to stand. Kissing her. "So I guess you don't really want your present either ?"

 "Present ? You bought me a present ?" She said finally looking like she was actually interested. "Come on give it to me then".

 He took out a little box and handed it to her, looking at her all exited. He was clearly waiting for her to open it and she did, looking utterly confused. "What is that ?"

 He gently pulled out a chain with a small key on it. "I found out the place were we had our first date was closing. This is the front door key. I thought it .. you know would remind you of how we started". He was looking a bit lost.

 Felicity grabbed the key, reading the inscription on it. "Forever.. you had that inscribed right ?" He nodded slowly. Celestia thought it was such a thoughtful and romantic gift, but Felecity mostly seemed disappointed.

 "Do you like it ?" He asked nervously, and Felicity let out a breath and plastered on a fake smile. "Sure darling I love it".

 She put it back in the box and gave him a swift kiss. "You better go empty out your suitcase before it starts to stink".

 "Yeah okay". He got up and left the room with a sigh. Celestia looked after him. Her heart bled for him, it was clear that he had been dissapointed and hurt by Felicity's reaction.

 "I thought that was a very romantic gift". Celestia said softly, looking at the other woman. Felicity threw the box on the table. "It's an old key. He could at least have bought me a diamond, he can afford it".

 "Not that it is really my business, but I think you are very ungrateful. He clearly put a lot of thought into that gift". Celestia said getting up.

 Felicity got up to and suddenly she was right in her face hissing at her. "You are right it is none of your damn business. He is my man. Oh don't put up that face, I have seen the longing looks you send him. I know you would like to sink your claws into him. But forget it".

 "You don't own him even though you seem to think so. You got a wonderful man, treat him right". She answered, ignoring the accusation. She really couldn't deny it. She tried to hide it, but she had a huge crush on him.

 Felicity looked like she was about to slap her, being right in her face. "Just stay out of it. I am going to be his wife. And don't for a second tell yourself that he would ever be with a woman like you". 

 They heard Tom come down the stairs and Felicity sent Celestia an acidic smile and When Tom walked into the living room she draped herself around his neck, kissing him just under his ear. "Oh I missed you so much baby. What about you and me call it a night and go have a proper welcome home alone ?"

 He looked rather surprised, but then he kissed her, smiling happily. "That sounds like a marvellous idea. Good night Celestia".

 "Night Tom". She said, sending him a smile, covering that the idea made her feel nauseous. But she had no claim on him and she knew it. But she really started to wonder if she should be there. Knowing that every day was setting her up for more hurt.

 As soon as they entered the bedroom Tom pulled her into his arms and kissed her passionately and she let him. After all she had started it so she couldn't very well turn him away now. He kissed down her neck mumbling against her skin. "Maybe it was a good thing that I was away for a bit. Maybe you missed me just a bit".

 "Of course baby". She answered. She actually enjoyed his hands and mouth on her skin. He knew what he was doing and he was always very passionate. He undressed her and pushed her back on the bed, telling her how beautiful she was.

 She watched him undress, licking her lips. He really was both handsome and sexy, she really had nothing to complain about. Well except for him being so needy for attention. She made a motion with her finger. "Come here sexy".

 He smiled and crawled up on the bed, kissing her deeply. He started caressing her, playing with her breasts and nipples and she threw back her head moaning softly. Her hands were laying by her sides, she never really knew what to do with them.

 "You really are sexy baby". He moaned against her stomach, as he slowly made his way down her stomach to her center and she gasped when his hot lips and wet tongue started exploring her. Sometimes she almost forgot how good it could feel when she let him have his way.

 She grabbed the sheets, gasping a bit, which seemed to encourage him as he got more enthusiastic and soon after she was whimpering as plasure swept her away.

 He crawled on top of her and tried kissing her, but there was no way she wanted to kiss him when he had just gone down on her. She turned her face and let him kiss her cheek. He made a little annoyed sound but started kissing her neck instead and she grabbed his erection, pulling him to her entrance.

 She gasped as he thrust himself into her. He was big and well it hurt a bit, he kissed her neck whispering. "Are you okay baby ?"

"Yeah fine". She said and he started moving her hips. She bent her knees, giving him more space and she grabbed his arms. Hoping he wouldn't be to long this time. In the beginning she had loved his stamina, now she wished he could be a little faster.

 He pulled her closer and closer, until he hoarsly whispered. "Cum for me baby. I am so close. Please cum for me". She did, moaning softly. And she heard him groan and felt him stiffen as he reached his climax.

 He slid down beside her pulling her into his arms, kissing her neck. "That was wonderful baby". She sighed and gave him a quick peck before getting up. "It was fine. I'll just go shower".

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