The Story of Femme Fatale

A girl, young, and unnaturally beautiful, breaks, and locks herself away from the world when a tragic and brutal event happens to her family. She turns to the darkside and becomes uncontrotable. In the end.... after all the moving, name changing, and missions, she can barely remember her name, let alone herself....


2. II

6 years later


Vada pushed the door open and placed the grocery bags on the counter. Her arms ached. She pulled a water bottle out of the fridge and took a sip. Then she pulled her clothes off and took a quick shower and changed, into a pair of jeans and a green tank-top. Her phone rang on the counter and she hurried to pick it up, "Vada speaking, hello?,,

"Hola, Genoveva,, said a familiar voice. It was deep and rough. Suddenly realisation shot through Vada and she quickly hung up and threw the phone onto the counter.

She stared frightfully at it and jumped a little when it rang again. She took the phone and smashed it. Then she pulled on her 6 inch light brown boots and a coat. She hurried into her bedroom and ripped open a loose floor board and pulled out a big wooden box she swung it open, pulled out a Kel-Tec PF9, and a Titan compact. She stuffed the guns into her purse and rush out of her penthouse. She quickly found a crowded nightclub where she sat down by the bar. The bartender quickly came over to her, "can I get you anything linda?,,

"Gin e tônico (gin and tonic),,

The bartender smiled, "vindo para a direita acima, linda. (Coming right up, gorgeous.),,

"Obrigado (thanks),,

A minute or two later the bartender came back with a gin and tonic, and smiled warmly at her, "Então, você de Portugal? (So, you from Portugal?),,

"Algo parecido (something like that).,,

"Legal (cool),, said the bartender, "I'm Faustino by the way,,

Vada looked at him, examining him properly, he was tall, muscular, and had dark tan skin. His eyes were dark brown and his hair messy and black. He were a tight black t-shirt showing off his abs, and jeans. "Lucky,, she said, "the translation for your name. Lucky.,, Faustino nodded, "I'm Vada,"

Faustino squinted his eyes, "strong?,,

Vada smiled, "brave.,, a man sat down next to Vada. He had blonde hair, glasses and a narrow face with bright blue eyes. He wore a suit and  sat in a wheelchair. He didn't look at all like anyone who'd ever even consider ever going to a nightclub.

"Ms. Bellator, ,, said the man. Vada stiffened and discretely slipped her hand into her purse clutching the Kel-Tec PF9. "Could I have a word?,,

Faustino was back in a flash, "ele está te incomodando? (Is he bothering you?)

Vada was about to answer, when the man said, " possivelmente, mas mesmo se eu fosse, tenho certeza que ela poderia cuidar de si mesma. (Possibly, but even if I was, I'm sure she could take care of herself.),, Faustino looked at Vada and she just nodded, and he moved on to a new customer,

''Who are you and what do you want?,, She asked, sounding very hostile.

"My name's Micheal Williams, and I want nothing more than to talk, for now.,,


"Not here,, he said, and left. Vada hesitantly slipped a ten dollar bill onto the counter under the empty glass. Vada followed him to a black limousine where a chauffeur politely opened the car door for her. She climbed into the car across from Michael Williams and waited as the engine started, and the car began to move. 

''What do you want?,, She asked, politely. 

''I want to hire you for a job.,, Michael Williams replied,

''I have a job Mr. Williams.,, Vada replied still, ever so polite.

''I am well aware of that Ms. Bellator.,, He picked up a file laying on the seat beside him. ''You're a.... bartender and barista, correct?,,

''Yes.,, Said Vada, ''still it seems I fail to see your point.,,

Michael laughed, ''there's no way what so ever that you could have paid for that 7,8 million penthouse you have here in midtown Manhatten as a so called 'barista' and 'bartender'.,, Said the man. Vada, swallowed the lump in her throat. She knew that he knew about her past. ''You're a hard woman to track down you know that? With all the name changing, running, forged files etc. it took my IT team, 4 years to find you, and believe me it takes them no more than 15 minutes to track down some of the best spies in history.,, The car stopped outside a small, abandoned wooden cottage. It was in terrible shape and looked like it would fall apart if you just as much as poked it. The chauffeur opened the door again and Vada stepped out. She could easily kill them both and escape but she was curious. Michael walked up to the door, opened it and waited for Vada to walk through. The room was empty except for a old rotten couch. The flowery cover of the couch was ripped and chewed by mice and rats. On the other side was another door. Michael opened and again waited for her to step through. As she stepped into the room Michael closed the door. There was an old mirror that filled one of the walls and a coat hanger on another wall. Michael pulled the futhest to the left hook all twice quickly after another, than the once the one to the right, once the one in the middle, twice the one on the right, and once the one on the left. There was a loud noise from the wall behind the mirror and then the mirror retrieved revealing a stone staircase. ''Follow me please.,, Said Michael, he flipped on a torch that he must have had in his pocket or such because Vada hadn't seen it before now. He walked down the steps. 50, Vada counted. Vada felt slightly curious at was down there and stretched her neck only to see an elevator. It opened. Unlike most elevators there was only one button on the panel, which Michael pressed 17 times. Vada stood and waited for it to move down, since it wasn't very likely it was going to move upward, but nothing happened. After a small while of just standing there it suddenly dropped, then stopped and swung to the side so sharp the Vada was flung into the elevator wall, and then it dropped again. The doors opened with a soft "ding!,, Vada felt something thick dripping from her forhead. She reached a few fingers up and looked at them, a bit of scarlet liquid covered her fingertips. Blood. She must have hit her head harder on the bar than she thought. ''Sorry, I should've told you about that.,,

''You think?!,, Vada asked, accusingly, still, her voice was steady. Outside the doors of the elevator was a room, with a platform in the middle where a round formation of one large glass desk stood. On the desk was 14 big computers operated by 14 people standing behind them, some of them talking into an earpiece. The walls were covered with screens and people hurrying past. They were all dressed in black suits and the women's hair was tied up in some form. When Vada stepped out of the elevator almost everyone suddenly stopped what they were doing and looked up at her. 

''Please, everybody get back to work.,, Said Michael, and waved his hand, then turned to Vada, "I'm impressed. They're quite a tough audience. Especially when they're working.,, He then led her past the platform and into an empty doorway where he turned to the left as they're was a wall bloking, 'straight ahead'. When they came out of the small hall there were multiple more platforms with people working on men and women, with hair, make-up, clothes, weapons and such he led her right past them to and over to a door most people wouldn't have seen if he hadn't pointed it out. Vada had a thing for examining every inch of every room she stepped into and every person. She could usually tell someone's first name and basic personality off of her first impression, only Michael was a bit cloudy, which she supposed was why she was so curious. She wasn't often curious, or excited and she couldn't even remember the last time she'd laughed, really laughed. When he opened the door there was an office. By one of the walls stood a black leather chair, behind a large oak desk in front of which, stood three  black cotton armchairs.

At the other end of the room was a black leather sofa with a glass coffee table placed in front of it. The floor was covered in dark red carpet. He went up to a large painting of a ball of fraits and flipped the portrait, up. There was a vault door behind it. He typed the code and stepped aside. The door swung open and two people tumbled out from the vault. The woman had shoulder length blonde hair, a sharp face with high cheekbones and black eyes. She wore black ripped jeans, a black t-shirt and a dark red leather jacket. Probably in her middle twenties like Vada herself, she looked Australian. The man was tall muscular and had dark brown hair. His eyes were dark brown and his face a loose square shape. He was muscular and wore a tight grey t-shirt his blue jeans were ripped but not in the sense of fashion in the sense of bein treated carelessly and ripped. He wore a black and red chekered cotton shirt over the t-shirt. His mouth was expended into a wide grin. 

''Hola princesa.,, He said eyeing her from top to bottom.

''Cállate.,, She snapped,

''Oh, fiesty!,,

''what did you do?,, She asked Michael, ''kidnap them?,,

''Yes,, He replied looking rather discomforted, ''please, have a seat,, he said and gestured to the chairs and sofaa. The other two sat down but Vada refused and stood. ''As you please,, he said, ''I want you three on a job together-,,

''If you wanted us on a job together why did you kidnap them and not me?,, Vada asked

''Well, I'm very well aware that no matter who we placed as security you'd get out within the minute so I had to try my best luck convincing you. Anyway, this man,, he said and held up a photograph of a man with messy dirty blonde hair, hazel eyes, a bit muscular, wearing a suit. ''Flávio Torres. I need you, Ms. Bellator, to seduce him and find out what he's planning to do with a machine that he's building. He might be telling the truth or he might be planning to destroy the world. Ms. Allen is coming as tech support, and Mr. Garcia is a sort of back up/partner.,,

'Hold on, hold on, hold on, you're asking me to 'save the world'? I'm sorry no, I don't do the whole hero, good guy, saving the world thing.,, Vada protested,

''One second,, said the man, ''you want her, to lead this mission. She looks more like a debutante, no offense princesa,, he said and winked at Vada.

''I'd be careful Mr. Garcia, that woman, is the Femme Fatale.,,

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