The Story of Femme Fatale

A girl, young, and unnaturally beautiful, breaks, and locks herself away from the world when a tragic and brutal event happens to her family. She turns to the darkside and becomes uncontrotable. In the end.... after all the moving, name changing, and missions, she can barely remember her name, let alone herself....


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The author of: 

The Marauders




The Light of Day 


Now presents: Femme Fatale.


''You understand that you'll have to kill Alessandro after you get the information don't you?,, Asked her employer: Lucas Staton. ''That won't be a problem for you will it?,,

The woman, smiled, ''Does it look like it'll be a problem?,, She asked coolely,

''Just checking, as far as I've heard you don't kill.,,

The woman threw her head back laughing. ''I'm a hitman.,, She said still smiling, ''What do you think happens to my victims? I ascort them to candyland and bake an apple pie, say good luck, and have fun? Oh please, this isn't a Disney movie.,,

''Very well then, call me when the jobs done,, said her employer, not sounding very convinced, as this was her first mission as a hitman.

''No shit, Sherlock.,, The woman spun around in one graceful movement and left the room. Her long auburn hair swinging behind her. Her lips were painted dark red. Her eyelashes were long and dark. One of her eyes was a dark ocean blue and the other a dark brown like chocolate. In most cases this might have looked a bit strange and maybe even a tad creepy, but in her case it just increased her beauty. Her eyebrows swung and elegant. Her face was a soft heart shape and her cheekbones high. Her skin was between pale and tan. It was flawless and soft like silk. Her victim: Alessandro Martinez was a Spanish drunken, gambler. He was abusive to his girlfriend and daughter. So naturally the first place the woman looked was his regular casino. And quite right, just as she stepped inside she spotted him by a blackjack table. She didn't have to make her way through the crowd because even though she was alone, the made space as she walked through gazing amazed at her beauty, she wore a dark blue, mini dress showing off a great deal of cleavage, and 7 inch black pumps.

The woman walked up behind the man and whispered in his ear, "maybe you could get lucky somewhere else....,, she said and giggled quietly, she walked in the direction of the ladies room, looking over her shoulder once and biting her lip. When she turned the corner she hurried down the steps leaving a trail of her shoes behind her. A woman was re-doing her make-up by the sink. "Get out,, said the woman and looked at the other with a menacing lust glinting in her eyes. A shock of fear flashed across the other woman's face and she hurried out, just as the target Alessandro Martinez followed the woman down. The woman was leaning against the wall again biting her lip and smiling softly, the man came close to her. The woman gently placed her hand on his arm and just as he was about to kiss her she twisted his arm around and almost got it into an armlock he swung his arm around and the woman followed right after smashing her back against the wall. She slid down hearing a crack in arm. A sharp pain stung through it as she sat panting on the ground.

Alessandro Martinez sat down in a squat in front of her and chuckled, "you didn't honestly think you could stand a chance against me did you?,, He grabbed her arms and zipped them together behind her back. "What's your name beautiful?,, The woman looked away, he pressed his index finger against her cheek and turned her face back at him, "hey, I asked you a question hermosa,,

"Your worst nightmare,, she answered, he smacked her across the face.

"Voy a matarte (I'm going to kill you),, said the woman and spit some blood onto the floor.

Alessandro chuckled, "oh no, you've got it all wrong hermosa, after all I'm not the one with their hands zipped behind their back,,

"Funny,, said the woman "neither am I,, she pulled her hands out from behind her back holding the zip dangling from one hand. She acted quickly and jerked a gun out from the gun holster under her dress, and shot his shoulder. He fell to the ground blood soaking his clothes. "Where can I find James Dolohov?,, She asked

"I can't say! They'll kill me!,, He said frightened

"They - who ever they are- are not your concern right now,, said the woman, stuffed a piece of cloth in his mouth and stepped on the wound. A muffled scream of pain came from Alessandro bit not loud enough for anyone upstairs to hear. "I said: where can I find James Dolohov?,, asked the woman coolely. He was hesitant to answer so the woman raised her foot again,

"Okay, okay!,, the man gasped, "I'll tell you!,,

"Now that's what I like to hear,, said the woman and smiled satisfied. "Go on,,

"It's an old warehouse in uptown Vegas. French avenue,,

"Thank you, much appreciated,, said the woman, put her shoes on and headed for the door, "oh, and one more thing,, she said, turned around, the sound of a gun cocking and suddenly she was pointing her silenced gun at Alessandro,

"Who are you?,, he asked, his chest lifting and sinking rapidly,

"Femme Fatale,, she said and pulled the trigger with an expression as cold and careless as ice.

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