Chronicles of Addy

Hey! This is my first story, so hopefully I don't get too much judgement!

"This is my sophomore year of high school: when everything changed..."


1. Wednesday, December 14th, 2016

Hey! It's Addy again! Been a while. A lot has happened- but let me take you back and tell you the story...

My sophomore year of high school started this August. And honestly, I was glad to be back. In summer, everyone was having pool parties, vacations, wild sleepovers, and the most dreaded: relationships. Like, c'mon! We're only 15! Well, 14 for me... Even my best friend, Maddie, was dating someone; Ty... Long story short, it ended very badly and it was just a summer thing. Everyone, including me, knew it was gonna end- and very messed up too. But, why don't I add suspense, eh? Apparently, I'm supposed to do that, so let's go with it. Anyways, I was the girl who never talks, never makes friends, but has great intelligence and talents (such as softball, writing, and singing). Pretty much all summer, I "swam" in our above ground pool in our backyard, watched YouTube, slept, and worked at the animal shelter from 9-5 on weekdays and Saturday. I missed that place so much, especially when I could bring in my cat to play with the other animals. Trust me, it was nice being able to relax, but I was ready to go back.

School was school. I pretty niches aced all of my classes. I did get a few bruises here and there from the Regina, Gretchen, and Karen on the school though. Maddy always defended me. I've had every cliche girl bully move pulled on me, including stealing my gym clothes, calling me inappropriate names, and choking me against a locker.

Okay, so I should probably describe these girls that "run" our school. There's the Gretchen, otherwise known as Brianna. She seems like such a sweet, innocent girl with her blue mini skirt and skin-tight green cardigans. But, she really isn't. Then there's the Karen- Alice. She's got all D's, big bleach blonde, waves hair, and the nerd and geek guys are crawling to her. She disgusts me. Lastly, the largest bi- I mean POISONOUS SNAKE of them all- Kiara. Does she need any more explaining?

Then there's me. My hair is naturally blond, and I shaved a square of it on my right side. The rest is in a bob, or in my face. My family is usually poor, so I either wear my dad's shirts (they're bid and plain along with a few band tees) and my own or my mom's jeans. A lot of my stuff doesn't fit, and we don't have the money to buy more. My grandma, who usually took my shopping, died in the spring of 2013, so I'm screwed. I am pretty much relying on a scholarship for college, or I'm not going. I want to be a teacher when I grow up, but I'm most likely will go to law school.

DAMN IT, it's 11:37! Gtg, night! More tomorrow!



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