A maiden's shy daughter is surprised by her mother to meet the king and queen of Ellcando and their son who falls for the shy girl but there is a plot to kill the king and his family


2. Unforgettable dance

Alistair's POV:

My father asks if I am ready and I am then we enter the throne room and we sit on our thrones my father in the middle my mother to his left and me to his right then the guests start arriving then the last one came it Maiden of Ellcando and her daughter Veronica and her daughter is beautiful long blonde hair, sapphire blue eyes but she's only a head or two smaller than I am but she is still beautiful then my father introduces me to the crowd "My friend and family Welcome to my son's 18th birthday ball enjoy the evening,"

Then I walk to the dining table and I sit next to my father and Veronica I don't talk to her we all just eat dinner after dinner my father takes my mother's hand and starts to dance with her as always everyone watches them I get up hold my hand and ask Veronica to dance "May I have this dance?"

She looks at me stunned but "Yes you may," she takes my hand and I walk her to the dance floor and I start to dance with her 

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