A maiden's shy daughter is surprised by her mother to meet the king and queen of Ellcando and their son who falls for the shy girl but there is a plot to kill the king and his family


1. Invitation to meet them

Veronica's POV:

I walk home after berry picking alone and my mother walks to me and hands me a letter I open it and it said:

Dear Veronica Middleton

I would like to invite you to my home and come to celebrate my son's birthday ball tonight and you can bring one member of your family dress to look like a queen

 Best wishes,

    The king of Ellcando

I look at my mother "May I go?"

"Yes you may,"

"Thank you mama,"

"Your welcome Dear,"

I put the berries on the table and I go to my room

and at the bottom of the page 

Also I will have a carriage collect you at sunset tonight 

So I start to pack and I tell mother to as well and then it was sunset and the carriage came for us

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