My True Teen-Mom Story


5. labor and delivery

i had been getting crampy the day before i actually went into labor, so i didn't really expect anything. i wasn't due for another two weeks, so i wasn't expecting savannah to come so early.

i went to the bathroom that morning and noticed my mucus plug came out.

i knew that your mucus plug means the baby is coming relatively soon, but it could still be a while so i took a shower and started to get dressed to go out to breakfast with Matthew.

while i was in the shower, i noticed my stomach feeling less crampy and more just...weird. there was a pressure in my lower abdomen and my cramps started to feel less achey and more like they were compacting everything in my stomach together.

i called my mom when i got out of the shower and she told me to call my doctor and see what he thought.

matthew came over and he called my doctor for me because at that point, i was making sure my hospital bags were ready to go (just in case).

my doctor said that since my mucus plug had JUST come out, i should wait a bit before coming in (because even if i had gone into labor, unless i was so far along, they'd just send me back home.) so matthew and i just hung out around my house since i really didn't feel like going anywhere.

around three hours later, the feeling had only gotten worse so matthew and i loaded everything up into his car and went to the hospital.

the doctors confirmed that i had in fact gone into labor but i wasn't very far along. they didn't send me home but they said we could be waiting for a while.

my mom came to the hospital when she got off work and those were the only people who were there when i gave birth. the rest of my family came later.

i got my epidural not long before i started pushing so the worst part by far were the contractions.

at 9:02PM my beautiful little Savannah Aubrey was born, weighing exactly 6lbs, 8oz.

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