My True Teen-Mom Story


44. June 4, 2017 (FINAL UPDATE)

If you read the title, you'd see that this is the final update. I loved having a place to write about everything I went through at first, but lately I've been extremely busy and just couldn't find the time to update at all. Savannah has recently been diagnosed with galactosemia, just like I was when I was a baby, and taking care of her as been a real time-consumer.

She is doing very well though, and we're all hoping she grows out of it like I did.

Matthew and I have decided to continue living separately, just because that makes the most sense, but we have decided to be pre-engaged. We both agreed that someday we want to get married, but we don't have the time, money, or energy to start planning a wedding right now, let alone even being able to afford engagement rings. So Matthew bought us what he calls 'placeholder rings' that we will wear until we decide to get engaged. Luckily the rings were cheap because we're saving all the money we can right now (Savannah's formula and doctor visits add up quickly). He got both for around $100.

I finally got a part-time job as a waitress (not ideal, I know) but my stepmom (who is a stay-at-home wife) agreed to watch Savannah while I work a few days a week. I'm saving most of the money I make while Matthew continues to provide for the baby. We're hoping to have enough saved up within the next year to be able to move out.

As far as what the future holds for the three of us, hopefully no more babies for the time being. I love Savannah with all of my heart, but both Matthew and I have been killing ourselves to make this work. Neither of us would trade this for the world, but sometimes I do wish we would've waited a while.

This is what the rings look like. Mine is being re-sized currently, which is why this isn't an actual picture, but if I remember to after I get it back, I'll do one final update with just a picture of the ring in person.


Thank all of you for the reads and support,

Savannah, Aaliyah, and Matthew

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