My True Teen-Mom Story


11. January 6th, 2017

This momma is exhausted! Savannah decided that last night would be perfect for an all-nighter. She got about two hours of sleep, which means that I got even less...but that's alright. She's slept a lot of the day, so that's given me a chance to get caught up on school and a lot of chores around the house. I had to do her laundry today because she goes through so much of it. I have to do her laundry twice a week! How does a baby go through that many clothes? I'm a teenager and I don't even change that much. But that's alright. At least she's getting good use out of her clothes while she still can. Babies grow so quickly that they seem to outgrow new onesies overnight. It's crazy. I think I might actually start air-drying her clothes because dryers most definitely shrink them. As a teen mom, I could really use saving money wherever I can, and baby clothes can get pretty expensive.


Matthew suggested doing a date-night this weekend and asking my mom to babysit, but I don't know if I'm ready to leave her alone yet. Of course I've had to at some points (mainly for senior meetings that I can't miss.) I might give in but I also don't want to have to ask my mom (not that she'd mind anyway). Idk. We'll see.


Excuse the short update, but I still have a ton of chores to do around here and it's already 7:30. I'll update you guys soon!

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