My True Teen-Mom Story


25. January 29, 2017



DISCLAIMER: I usually don't cuss in my posts but no promises about this one.


So I woke up bright an early this morning to someone BANGING ON MY BEDROOM DOOR. That's the first thing that pissed me off because I have a fucking baby sleeping in my room and WHEN YOU WAKE A BABY UP, THEY DON'T STOP CRYING. I knew Savannah was already awake because she made her squeaky little whining noise that means she's awake and pissed. I told whoever was there to come in and started rocking Savannah, trying to do damage control to see if I could get her back to sleep.


The person banging on my bedroom door was my aunt Alison, who I'm actually named after (everyone calls both of us Ali). She was the person who I thought would be most supportive since she popped her first baby out at fifteen, but she's actually the one that gives me the most shit for Savannah.


She SEES ME TRYING TO GET THE BABY BACK TO SLEEP and instead of talking softly, she practically yells "Are you just going to be lazy and sleep all day or come out here and actually help the family?" First of all asshole, it was EIGHT THIRTY IN THE GODDAMN MORNING AND I WAS UP ALL FUCKING NIGHT TAKING CARE OF A FOUR MONTH OLD. PLUS, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW ALISON WAS COMING TO VISIT.


At this point, I was already pissed off so I didn't even try to remain civil (like I usually am because she's family and I typically try to be the bigger person) so my response was something along the lines of "You think you'd remember how hard it is taking care of a baby because you were a whole two years younger than me when you were going through this. But since you seemingly don't remember, let me fill you in on what you've forgotten. Savannah woke up at 3:30 this morning because she was just fussy. She didn't fall back asleep until almost 7:00. At this point, I'm running off of about three hours of sleep, and since you just woke her up, that's most likely all I'm gonna get. So I think I've earned the right to 'be lazy', as you called it."


My mom showed up behind Alison and asked what was going on, and after I interrupted my aunt and told her what was really happening, I told my mom to keep her hypocritical sister out of my fucking room while my daughter is sleeping.


They both left my room, and about half an hour later (since Savannah wasn't getting back to sleep anytime soon) I got dressed and changed her diaper and we went to the kitchen so I could warm up a bottle of milk for her breakfast (as I've said before, I don't breastfeed on demand. I try to pump and bottle feed her). Of course Alison had something to say about that too (something like "you're fine with a piece of plastic latching onto your boob to pump but you won't let your own daughter do it?")


I brushed that off since I really wasn't in the mood for another fight. After I got the baby fed, I started cooking my own breakfast, just some scrambled eggs, and she OBVIOUSLY had a problem with that too. She was questioning why I was making myself breakfast but wasn't asking everyone else what they wanted. I told them that I was already taking care of one baby, I didn't need another to take care of. My mom told me to calm down and to be more respectful, so I took my breakfast and Savannah back to my room.


Alison left us alone for a few hours and I actually thought she might've gone home, but sadly she was still there. Savannah was laid down in her co-sleeper for a nap so I left her sleeping to start her laundry. When I went back to my room, Savannah wasn't there so I went to the living room where my aunt was sitting on the couch, a whining Savannah in her arms.


I didn't even try to control my temper at this point, and I think my bitchy "What the fuck are you doing?" showed that. Alison said that she was just watching Savannah for me since I "irresponsibly left her alone". (For those of you who don't have kids, there was NOTHING irresponsible about me leaving her in her co-sleeper to do laundry. The washroom is right next to my bedroom so if Savannah started crying, I could hear her. It was fine).


She then went on to tell me that I should've made her first name Aubrey because it's soooooo much prettier than Savannah. She also felt the need to tell me that I probably just chose the name Aubrey in the first place because it was the name of one baby's on Teen Mom 2. First of all, I've never seen that show in my life. Second of all, Matthew chose the name Aubrey and I'm assuming he doesn't watch the show so.......


I took Savannah back, packed her diaper bag, and told my mom to text me when Alison left because I couldn't deal with her. If anyone had told me three years ago that this is what my life would be like at seventeen, I'd tell them they'd been watching way too much Jerry Springer and to keep that bullshit away from me. But this is normal life for me every time aunt Alison comes into town.


Now I'm at Matthew's, which isn't much better (I think I was actually just complaining about his mom last night in that post...) but she doesn't dislike me, the feeling of hatred is just a one-way thing. So things were certainly less awkward than back at my own house. His mom told me that I could spend the night tonight if I have to (because his mom actually likes me a lot), I just don't like her being around the baby.


Sorry about the long rant, I just needed somewhere to talk about all of this. I probably won't update again today, but we'll see. It just depends on if anything else happens today. It's only noon, so maybe.

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