My True Teen-Mom Story


23. January 24, 2017



January 24, 2017



Clearly I've learned some stuff in past year because it's been a huge growing experience all-around. I don't think or act in the same way as I did before getting pregnant. I've never been the type to want to sit around the house all the time. I went out every weekend and made sure to do something fun, but since becoming a mommy, I'm a homebody. Sure I'd love to get out and do stuff, but it's hard when you have to carry around a huge bag, push a bulky stroller or carry a huge car seat, and make sure there are places to change a diaper. Oh, and making sure you have enough milk pumped to last you on your outing is a pain in the ass. I do it pretty often (I get out and go places with Savannah mostly everyday, but it's usually just quick trips to the store. We make trips to the mall and the park and places like that around once every two weeks), but not as often as I used to.


The most important thing I've learned is that people are judgmental and often don't even realize that what they're saying or doing is offensive. Since I'm only seventeen, there's quite a bit of judgment and I've learned to brush it off and move on. Their opinions don't make a difference to anyone except themselves, so I'm not going to let it bother me.


The next thing I've learned is that all babies are different. When I first got pregnant, my mom was warning me about how expensive it was going to be because I was quite an expensive baby and that's all she knows. She bought me all brand-new stuff, got me an expensive crib I never even slept in because she kept me in her bed until I was big enough for a toddler bed, and the worst part, I was born with galactosemia (a really serious stomach condition that meant I couldn't digest lactose and it can cause problems with your liver, brain, and other major organs) and also severe acid reflux. The formula she had to buy me (because with galactosemia, I couldn't digest breast milk or any other kind of milk for that matter) was close to $30 a can, and I went through two of those a week. But Savannah was born with only a mild case of acid reflux and she just has to be put on baby Zantac. My insurance covers it, so I don't even have to pay for it. I buy a lot of used clothes from Once Upon a Child and get everything at as low of a price as possible. You CAN raise a baby on a budget.


I think the most important thing I've learned is that anybody can be a good parent if they're willing. I was as far from mother material as you can get before I got pregnant and as soon as I realized I was going to be a mom, I grew up and took responsibility. My life went from being all about me to being all about my baby overnight.



​You're never fully prepared for a baby, but I think I got myself pretty prepared before Savannah got here. I was prepared with the stuff I bought for her, but it was the feeling you get after you give birth that I didn't expect. I thought I'd be happy when she was out because I'd finally have her there with me, but really, I was upset. I hated not feeling her with me all the time anymore. I felt empty. Believe me, there's a noticeable difference when your baby isn't inside of you anymore. Postpartum depression is definitely a real thing, and though I don't think I was really depressed, I definitely get why some people are. I also wasn't prepared for the immense amount of love you're able to feel towards one person. It's something nobody realizes or experiences until they're a baby.



​Savannah is taking a little nap since it's only 7:25pm and I'm attempting to crochet. I want to learn so that I can make cute clothes for Savannah and any future children I may have. I'm not stupid enough to get pregnant again on purpose, but I do miss being pregnant and I miss how small Savannah used to be. Four months is close to half a year. How is my baby girl that old already?? It doesn't seem right. I want to have 3 kids, but not anytime soon. I don't think I'll be trying for baby #2 until I'm AT LEAST 23-24. I want to be out of high school and starting college. It's a while away and until then, I have my beautiful Savannah to keep me company :)

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