My True Teen-Mom Story


19. January 17, 2017

ummm is movellas glitching or something? last time i checked, i had under 1k reads but now it's saying i'm at 2k? that can't be right.

thank all of you for reading and staying up to date with my daughter's and my life. i don't understand why it would be interesting because it just seems like normal life to me, but i'm thankful for anyone who reads or likes or comments.

it's only 8:08 am and Savannah and i are still in bed being lazy. she woke me up around 7:30, but she isn't fussy. she's being giggly and silly.

thank you for all of the reads (even if it is a glitch. the amount i was at yesterday is higher than i ever expected) and i hope the number will keep rising :)

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