My True Teen-Mom Story


16. January 13, 2017

Today was my first trip back to the gym since I got pregnant, and damn am I out of shape. Before Savannah, I ran cross country, and in my strength and conditioning class, I could run 3 miles on a lazy day. I ran a mile and a quarter today before I felt like my lungs were going to collapse. It wasn't a great day. But I'm hoping that within a few months, I'll build my strength and stamina back up. I also lifted some, but my max has never gotten above 90lbs. What can I say, I'm petite.


Speaking of being petite, I saw a post on Instagram where a girl said that her friend's spine broke during childbirth and she was wondering if she could sue her doctor because he let her go through with natural birth instead of pushing for a C-Section since she was little...The most I've ever weighed in my life is 112lbs and Savannah was nearly 7lbs (which I know is average for newborns, but for how small I am, that's huge to be pushing out).


Her body size didn't cause for her spine breaking. Every childbirth goes differently. Sue-happy people kill me


Moving along....Savannah's doing well, and I'm moving forward in the graduation process...only four more months until I am no longer a high school student! Next comes college. I don't think I've told you guys yet, but I think I'm going to study to become a psychiatrist. It'll take a lot of hard work, but my daughter is worth it. I'm going to do everything in my power to give Savannah a good life, and psychiatrists make over $70,000 on average. I'm hoping things with Matthew work out, but I want to ensure that even if I'm raising her alone, I have the money to do so.


I have physical therapy on Monday, which I'm absolutely DREADING. I go because I have TMD (all of the cartilage in my left jaw joint and most of it in the right is gone, so my jaw is in constant pain and it clicks and pops when I open my mouth too wide) and I know it helps, but it just hurts so. damn. bad.


Oh, and also I think I'm going to start back to work soon. It's been around four months (give or take) since I left, but I'm healed, no longer in pain, and ready to have an income again. I just don't know what ill do with Savannah. If I take her to daycare, me working in the first place will be pointless because all of my money will go towards childcare. My mom works during the day, same as me, and I'd feel horrible asking anyone else in my family, even though I know they wouldn't care.


This was a bit of a longer update (Savannah's taking her nap so I actually had time) so I figured I'd go in depth and give you all a little taste of what's happening in our lives :)

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