My True Teen-Mom Story


15. January 12, 2017

my senior meeting today went well. we all got our cap and gowns ordered, which i'm excited about. i love that, even though my school is online, i'll get to have an actual graduation with other teens around here and i'll get to walk. i cant wait for my daughter to see me walk across the stage and get my diploma:)

so i noticed that we're getting really close to 1,000 reads but other than reads, this story isn't really getting a good response. if you guys enjoy it, be sure to like or favorite it. also, if you're curious about anything, ask a question and i'll answer it. what could i do differently to make you guys enjoy it more? since this is a true story, there isn't really a lot of leeway with stuff i can do, but i'll try...? because there's no point in writing anything if you guys don't enjoy it.

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