My True Teen-Mom Story


3. how i found out i was pregnant

my period has always been irregular so that wasn't really a warning sign to me. i completely skipped a period for a month and i didn't even notice. i'd gotten some cramps and backaches after about a month after my missed period, so i assumed that was my period about to come.

a week later, still no period.

two weeks later, still nothing.

three weeks later, nope.

i think the part that really got me curious was when (after almost two months without a period) i woke up and my boobs felt very weird. it was like my nipples went numb and tingly like your foot does after sitting on it for too long.

so i texted Matthew and told him what was happening and he told me he'd pick up a couple tests and bring them over.

the first test came back negative (well, Matthew SWEARS he saw a faint line, which probably was the case since i actually was pregnant but i didn't see anything).

the next test was a clear positive.

i cried and Matthew held me. he didn't really say anything at first but after a while, he just sorta mumbled "there's a baby in your belly..." that's when he started getting excited.

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