My True Teen-Mom Story


2. history with her father

Savannah's father (Matthew) and i have been together since our freshmen year in high school (we're seniors now). we've clearly had a couple of pointless breakups like most high school sweethearts do, but in the end, we always end up back together.

we met when he was dating someone i knew, but since i liked him (and kinda hated the person he was with) i came onto him in a class we had together. he soon broke up with his girlfriend and asked me out in the backseat of his brothers car. we took things pretty slow at first, but once we'd gotten comfortable with each other, things started heating up pretty quickly. by the time we'd been dating for 10 months, we'd had sex and done just about everything else you could think of.

well, less than a month after i'd turned 16, we found out i was pregnant. i expected Matthew to leave me, but he was actually really happy and excited when i told him.

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