My True Teen-Mom Story


30. February 8, 2017

February 8, 2017


I'm completely exhausted, even though I really haven't done anything today. I had a short senior meeting this morning to discuss more graduation stuff, but that only lasted for about forty minutes. Matthew kept Savannah until about noon, so I caught up on the schoolwork I got behind on during the last couple of days and I had to soak all of her bottles.

If you think you have a lot of chores to do now, just wait until you have a baby. I've never done so much laundry or so many dishes in my life.

Now that I've told you basically all that's happened today, I want to quickly rant about something.

I hate the fact that everyone tells me to just let her "cry it out". That's the most heartless thing I've ever heard. She's four months old. If she needs anything, even if it's just cuddles at four in the morning, she's gonna get it! I don't get why people let their babies cry and just ignore them. I get that it's not longer than 10 minutes or so, but they're babies. They're crying for a reason. Take care of your damn kid.

Rant over.

Savannah's been really good and patient all day. She hasn't gotten fussy once, which is really good for her. It's still pretty early so if something else happens, I'll update but that's about it for now.



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