My True Teen-Mom Story


29. February 7, 2017

February 7, 2017


The last two days have been some of the most hectic yet. First, Savannah began spitting up everything she ate (pretty abnormal for her) so I called her pediatrician and she told me to try some gripe water. I did and it seemed to help for maybe an hour or two, and then it started up again. I checked her temp and noticed she was running a slight fever, so I decided that I'd keep an eye on it and take her to urgent care if it didn't go away by her bedtime.

Bedtime comes around and her fever had just gradually increased, so I packed her stuff, called Matthew and told him to meet me there, and off we went. She has a stomach virus that's apparently been going around and I was told that the fever should break by the next morning (today). We woke up this morning and like the doctor said, she was all better. BUT, my mom woke up at three in the morning projectile vomiting with a 103 degree temp. So I have a baby that's just getting over being sick and a sick grandmother all in the same house. I called Matthew and told him what was going on and he said that it was fine if I brought Savannah over to spend the night when he gets off work, so I think that's what we're gonna do. I can't risk Savannah getting even sicker. I might just tell Matthew that he can take Savannah for the night so 1.), I can stay here and take care of my mom and 2.), so I don't make things awkward for Matthew.

I have until 9:30 to make up my mind, so for now, I'm just hanging out and enjoying the little bit of free time I have while Savannah is napping.

If you didn't already know (or if you're even interested), the first chapter of the fan fiction I was telling you guys about is up now. I haven't had an opportunity to begin the second chapter because of how crazy things have been, but I think I'm going to try to write a little bit of it tonight if I get the chance.

I hope you guys had a little more fun these past couple of days than I did. I'll try to update again tomorrow, but we'll see. It's impossible to predict when I'll have time.


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