My True Teen-Mom Story


37. February 28, 2017

February 28, 2017 It's been a few days since I've updated and I don't really have a reason for it? Usually when I don't update for a little while it's because something happened but this time I was just enjoying time with my little bug. She's great and growing like a weed. It makes me so sad to think about how small she was when she was born and how much she weighs now. Can you believe she's already 13.2 lbs?! That's crazy! I've never really told you guys where I live but it's in a pretty residential area and we HATE it here. We're moving to the country this summer and we'll have 15 acres of land. Basically we're moving into a pretty small 3BR house that's a little smaller than where we're at right now. I've been talking to my mom about getting a pet pig when I move because she wants one too, but she's hardly ever home to take care of it. I know we're getting a lot of animals when we move because I love the idea of Savannah getting to grow up with animals as friends. I always had cats and dogs and cows and pigs growing up because up until I was 12, we lived on a farm. But with a baby, I don't know if I'll have time for a pig either because they're EXTREMELY needy. I know we're going to get Savannah and I each our own horse, Savannah's is going to be a pony so it can grow up with her, and mine is going to be fullgrown, preferably already broken. If not, my uncle can break the horse for me but it'll just be easier if it's already trained. Nothing interesting has really happened so there's not much to update on, other than I got a little worried about Savannah over the weekend because I noticed a little rash in between the rolls in her neck. I called her pediatrician and I took her in for a checkup yesterday and he said it's really common among babies because milk will roll down their chin and get caught in their neck rolls and it's hard to notice. He said to make sure I wipe her neck every time I feed her and he prescribed an ointment cream thing for me to put on the rash until it goes away. I'll update for you guys when something happens, but until then, these updates would be really boring.
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