My True Teen-Mom Story


35. February 21, 2017

February 21, 2017


Holy heck the last two days have been busy. Matthew and I are planning on taking a little road trip with Savannah tomorrow, and of course we had to plan it out completely last minute, so I'm rushing around trying to get things ready. Tomorrow is Matthew and I's anniversary, so we wanted to do something special, especially since we have Savannah here to help us celebrate now. I think we're going to drive down to his family's lakehouse (I use the term "house" loosely. It's actually an old, rundown trailer with only one bedroom that nobody visits anymore that's about five minutes from the lake). It's where he was born though, and it's free, so it'll be pretty cool. We're only staying one night because he has work and I cant do school from there, but we're hoping to have a good time. It'll be in the seventies tomorrow so hopefully we'll get to have a picnic on the lake.

Yesterday I pumped and pumped and pumped trying to get enough, but I still had to pump some today. I spent yesterday getting ahead in school work so that taking a couple of days off wouldn't hurt my grades. Today, I had to run to the mall to get some new outfits for Savannah. I had a coupon for a couple Carter's onesies, so I had to use that. Then I went to Once Upon a Child since I was already out (because they have the BEST deals there) and I ended up getting twelve new onesies for only $21 and some change.

We're leaving early in the morning so I wont have time to pack, so I gotta do that tonight. The car ride itself is only an hour and a half, but when you have a newborn, it feels like a lot longer. We're gonna be making lots of stops, but that's okay. She makes it worth it.

Oh and I just realized that I already have a new chapter of my fan fiction ready to go, I just never published it. So that's what I'm about to do while Savannah is being so calm.

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