My True Teen-Mom Story


33. February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017


I think I mentioned the concert I was looking forward to going to a few days ago and I said that I was sad I couldn't go. Well, it originally wasn't Matthew's weekend with her, but because of the way his work schedule ended up, he has her again this weekend because he has to work everyday next weekend. Since she's going to be with Matthew, he told me that it's fine if I go to the concert because I never get out anymore and he still goes out and has fun sometimes. My mom's also encouraging me to do it because I haven't had any me-time since Savannah was born. I didn't really think I deserved me-time because I need to be a mommy more, but since Matthew's gonna have her anyway, it comes down between sitting at home alone or going to the concert.

So my mom surprised me today with two tickets and I can't wait to go. I thought I was going to have Savannah this weekend so I'm pretty behind on pumping. I have the rest of tonight and tomorrow to pump about five bags worth (Matthew actually keeps some frozen at his house for emergencies, so I usually only send her with five or six frozen bags).

Savannah has been in a GREAT mood all day (Matthew dropped her back off this morning because I missed her too much and he had to work), and since the weather was pretty warm today, I couldn't help but take her out. Matthew met us downtown when he got off work (he works downtown anyway so we decided to head down there) and we walked around and went to a nice restaurant for dinner and stopped and looked in a bunch of different shops. Savannah's stroller has honestly been my saving grace and I'm so thankful for my cousin for giving it to me (she originally bought it when she was pregnant but once her baby came, she HATED it and passed it on to me). It looks like a bassinet and faces towards me, so when I'm pushing her, she can sleep in it like her bassinet at home and I can watch her and see what she's doing. I would highly recommend it. I think it's called 4moms Bassinet stroller but I'm not positive since I'm not the one that bought it.

I can't wait until Savannah is old enough that I can leave a blanket with her while she sleeps instead of swaddling her because she's so temperamental when it comes to being swaddled. Sometimes she loves it and sometimes she hates it with a passion but neither of us can sleep unless we have a fan on (because of the noise) so she gets chilly at night, even though the fan is facing away from us.

I mentioned a while ago that I started setting her nursery up, but since I'm moving in May, I stopped. It'd be pointless to set it up now when I'll have to take it apart in a couple months anyway. She is starting to outgrow her bassinet, but she loves the new pack-n-play she got for Christmas. I might start letting her sleep in that at night.

I think this momma's gonna go take a shower while little bug is being good because I might not get the chance if I don't do it now. I'll try to update again tomorrow, but with all the stuff going on with my family now, I may not get the chance.

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