My True Teen-Mom Story


1. explaining

hey everyone, my name is Ali and i'm seventeen. my beautiful little bug just turned three months and i figured that, since i've seen so many people write books like this (not specifically on this app but on others like Wattpad) that id write my own experiences with being a teen mom.

clearly there is judgement whenever i take my daughter anywhere, but hey, i know i'm a good mom and that's all that matters.

my daughters' name is Savannah Aubrey (i will be keeping her last name private for obvious reasons). yes her father is still involved, and no she was not planned but she is still a little blessing nonetheless.

as far as pictures go, i don't know if i will be sharing any because there have been several books i have read from other teen mommies saying that people have stolen their baby's pictures and tried to pass them off as their own..i'm not cool with that. i'll think about it though, and maybe reconsider.

so i think for the first few chapters, i'm going to give a little bit of a backstory and then i'll start like daily updates and that sorta thing. if you guys would like to know anything at all, just leave a comment and i'll answer it.

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