My True Teen-Mom Story


9. December 28th

i'm out of town with two sick babies in one house so this will be a very short update.

the trip so far has been fine other than the fact that when i arrived, my little cousin (she's only 3) was coughing and crying because her throat was sore. everyone assumed it was just a cold until she came down with a 104.3 degree fever the night before last. my aunt took her to the hospital because of how high the temp was and we found out she has strep throat and an ear infection. savannah has been spitting up and crying all day. i think she's got a little bug of her own. it's almost 2am and savannah has just fallen asleep, so that means it's momma's much needed bedtime.

we're sharing a large air mattress, which is going well so far. i let Savannah sleep in her swing the first night but has since been sleeping with me.

i hope all of your Christmases went well!

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