My True Teen-Mom Story


8. December 22, 2016

Savannah is at her daddy's for the day (they're doing their Christmas with her today since we're leaving Sunday) so I've been catching up on some housework. Our bedroom (yes we share) is now clean and I washed dishes and cleaned out the cat box. It's been a productive day so far. I still have some schoolwork I'd like to catch up on but I have to run to Target and pick up some stuff and then I have to pick up miss priss from Matthew's house at five or six.

She's supposed to spend every other weekend with his family, but most of the time he's too tired after work on Friday's to come pick her up (he doesn't even get off work until 11:30) so he either just picks her up on Saturday or spends the night on Friday and goes home with her the next morning. My mom is pretty cool about letting him spend the night because honestly, I think she knows we aren't doing anything. We haven't done anything since the baby's been born and we're waiting to until I go on birth control.


As far as moving out goes, I'm legally not even old enough to move out but Matthew is. He's been talking about getting his own apartment, but even if my mom would let me (I doubt she would) I wouldn't move in with him. My mom has been a complete lifesaver throughout this whole thing. She doesn't babysit for me a whole lot (which I'm completely fine with because Savannah is my daughter and my responsibility) but I love knowing that if I need advice on anything, my mom is in the same house.

If anyone has any questions, just comment it and I'll make sure to answer it.

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