My True Teen-Mom Story


40. April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017


I know, I suck at updating now. But I'm trying to get back on track. In this update, I'm going to be talking about what changes pregnancy made to my body.


1.) Aches and pains. Before I got pregnant, my body was as tough as any normal teenagers is. Pregnancy is rough though. I have chronic neck and back pain (which I'm currently on medicine for and actually had to go to the hospital because it got so bad last week). I have to sleep on a heated blanket for my back and keep my head in a neck pillow (kinda looks like a boppy for a baby but its smaller). And don't even get me started on round ligament pain.

2.) Stretch marks. I don't care about these because most people had them, but I'd never really gained any weight in my life to cause me to get them until I got pregnant. I have them on my boobs, my hips, my stomach, and my legs, oddly enough.

3.) My immune system is so weak. I've been sick too many times to count since I've had Savannah. it's weird because my mom told me that having me actually boosted her immune system, but hey, pregnancy affects everyone differently.

4.) My hips seem like they're twice as wide as before. Your hips need to widen for you to be able to give birth, but I was always told it wouldn't be noticeable. Well buddy I sure as hell noticed it!

5.) My skin seems so much clearer! Not everything is a negative, guys. I used to get relatively bad acne before I got pregnant, but I've had clear skin since. Instead of acne, my skin is just dry and oily now, but if I use cocoa butter and an exfoliator, I'm good to go.


Those were the five major things that have changed since I had her. Obviously there are more, but these are the biggest. As far as little bug goes, she's doing well. I hate how much she's growing, but at the same time I can't wait until she can talk. As she gets older, she's starting to look more and more like her daddy. Her hair is turning darker, which I'm happy for. Her hair is at least going to look like mine.

I hope this long update makes up for the shitty ones I've been putting out lately! I'll try to update again tomorrow or the next day, but I'm sick AGAIN with strep, bronchitis, and I have to go back to the drs today because he wants to test me for pneumonia, so Savannah is with Matthew so she doesn't get sick.

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