The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


4. The worst day ever🙄

So that same day is when I got bullied. 

Everyone claims I'm not popular but to be real I didn't come to school to be popular I came so I can go to college and be a successful young woman.

So this girl named brook was talking about me in my 1st period class with her and I overheard what she was saying.

To me it was just a petty thing to do because talking about someone is not a way to impress others.

Me and brook had a long history together....😔

It all happened in 6th grade one day she had a crush on a guy named Brandon and he didn't like her because she was just so a BRAT😊 She thought she could have her way in whatever she would do but it didn't ever work at alll.

So that very next day I found out that he had a crush on that one person.........😏 And so happened that one person was me and we ended up talking then being close friends and then best ass friends then he asked me out and I was so shock because I would always get bullied at all times no matter what place. Till this day me and Brandon still date I try to support him in all he do.So one day brook shows up to his 🏀 game and had this big ass poster that said Brandon I want to be more than friends and she found out we were still dating so then she got almost the whole school to bully me.

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