The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


9. The Good News😜😂☺️

Heyyyyyyyy yallll so I got a lot of stuff to tell yallll I'm so happy right now and no my dad is not coming home early BUMMER ....

But the girl that tried to get Brandon and take him away from me well she is actually movinggggg yay and I got my drivers license I'm so happy only thing I need to get straight  now is moving out to a apartment in New York my mom don't want me to go but it's best for me and Brandon because we are getting older in life and I can't be around my mom alll the time😠. So I'm gonna spice it up I'm going to look at this apartment that I got ohhh did I say apartment I meant luxury homes in New York yep I got it like that.🛍💍👸



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