The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


3. The first day of high school.







Royalty "Wake Upppp" my sister said to me the first morning of school.

"What am I going to where Serena"Said royalty 

Idk don't ask me just pick out something that explains you and your style it's not the end of the world" said Serena.

How about this you go ahead and take a nice shower while I pick out your clothes and what I pick out what you wear" said Serena.

Serena:allll settt and done

Royalty:awwwww junk I see you Serena lol

Serena:girl you know I got style

Royalty:okay let's see how it looks

Mom:hurry up girls we don't have all day







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