The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


11. The day my dad officially comes home❤😜💁🏾

So as you know my dad didn't come home the day that he told me he was coming home......and I got mad or w.e. But today he's coming home I'm so excited because I've only seen my dad 3/4 times and it was so hard when he left.

He's going to be living with me and Brandon for a while hopefully it goes well and then he will be up on his feet for his own house.

When he gets home we are going to Tokyo Grill and kinda just hang out and catch up on what we need to catch up on.

My mom says I don't need to go around him because he's dangerous but that is my biological dad and I love him to death he does things that my step dad doesn't do but I know he just got out of jail but it's always good to give someone another chance....just don't judge anyway by how they used to live or used to act.


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