The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


8. The all with my dad🙂🙄💍

Me:Hey dad 

Dad:Heyyyyy I miss you so much

Me:I miss you to I just can't wait until you come home I'm so happy right now🎊🤗😜

Dad:Well about that I'm not coming home until 2018 I'm sorry they felt like I needed more time in.

Me: Whatttt we had so much stuff to catch up on and now your telling me your not coming home wow that helps a lot.

Dad:I know your mad but I don't make the rules....the Time will fly by fast "Just keep your head up and stay strong"

Me:okay it's gonna be hard but okay I trust you....we wouldn't have this conversation if you wasn't in jail....but people are different 

Dad:See I did do some things wrong and I shouldn't have did but I won't ever leave you again no matter what.

Me: okay dad ilysm 

Dad:lol I love you more than much.....wellll my time is up I'll talk to you tomorrow okay daughter be safe and do what's good for you.

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