The Time I Switched Schools...

A girl named Royalty who got bullied for various reasons.


7. My dad comes home✨😍❤👨‍👩‍👧


...So as y'all didn't know my dad is in jail....

 My dad is my biggest fan ever in whatever I do in my life. He has always supported me in all kinds of ways even though he is in jail.

Me and Serena don't have the same dad actually my mom is with Serena dad now it's really hard when your dad is in jail I love my dad so much y'all don't even understand...

My dad did some really bad things in his life that ended him up in jail.

My dad was in a gang when my mom was pregnant with me ...He was also selling drugs and shooting neighborhoods n all but one thing is that he never hurted me in my life.

I just can't wait until my dad comes home well I wouldn't say home cause he's not gonna live with us but I just can't wait for him to get out of jail because we have so much things to catch up on as him being my dad🤗🙂👸


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