I'm Home

Fred never wanted to be in love. But here he was, falling head over heels for his brother's best friend. ((I only own the plot. Characters belong to J.K. Rowling, song belongs to Christina Perry, and images belong to their original creators. If you own any images, let me know so I can give you credit))


7. I Hope That You Catch Me

I hope that you see right through my walls
I hope that you catch me, 'cause I'm already falling
I'll never let a love get so close
You put your arms around me and I'm home

"How're you feeling, Georgie?" Fred murmured softly, gazing down at his twin brother with concern. He rested his hand on George's forehead, brushing his hair aside and trying to avoid the hole where his ear used to be. He bit his lip to fight back the tears of rage and frustration that threatened to well up and tried to smile, something that would always reassure his brother.

George hummed softly before replying, "Saint-like." Fred's brow furrowed in confusion. "Come again?" he asked, leaning forward slightly. Was George losing it? Was he losing so much blood and in so much pain that he was going crazy?! Or...was he dying? Fred's blood ran cold and he once again had to fight back tears. George chuckled slightly and pointed his nonexistent ear.

"I'm holey. I'm holey, Fred. Get it?" George laughed slightly, his hand poised unsteadily over his ear. Fred almost sagged with relief. He was just joking. Fred put an exasperated look on his face, although he knew his relief was probably evident.

"The whole wide world of ear related humor, and you go for holey? That's pathetic," he said, smiling in relief. George smiled back drowsily and weakly replied, "Reckon I'm still better looking than you." Both twins let out a soft laugh, and the other occupants of the room smiled. Fred swallowed hard and hesitated before kissing George's forehead, getting to his feet. George smiled softly up at him and he quickly returned it before turning around briskly and walking out, ignoring the looks of pity and escaping before he could completely lose it.

About halfway up the stairs, Fred collapsed against the railing and started to sob, shaking and trying unsuccessfully to calm down so he didn't alert his family. He buried his head in his hands, both to muffle the sounds and to catch the tears that were dripping steadily down his cheeks or off the tip of his nose onto the carpet. Meanwhile downstairs, George heard his twin's distress and sat up, trying to get up off the couch.

"F-Freddie," George croaked, ignoring his mother as she tried to keep him down on the couch. He swatted her hands away, his grogginess replaced with desperation. Hermione quickly joined Mrs. Weasley in trying to keep George down, gently pushing against his chest.

"I'll talk to him, okay George? I'll talk to Fred and make sure he's okay," Hermione said, resting her hand on George's cheek for a moment until he nodded shakily and curled up on the couch, tearing up slightly. Hermione sighed and made her way up the stairs of the Burrow. Fred's broken sobs made tears of her own spring up in her eyes and she quickened her pace until her distraught boyfriend came into view.

"H-Hermione?" Fred croaked when he saw her, looking up at her with wide, tear-filled eyes. Hermione stood there silently for a moment until Fred hiccuped softly and opened his arms up slightly, his eyes cast down as if he were ashamed. Hermione quickly flew into his arms and hugged him close, letting him bury his tear stained face into her shoulder and sob. Fred liked to act as if he were a rock, hard and unmoving, not needing comfort, but sometimes he let the walls he built up around himself over the years crumble and fall. He needed to sometimes.

"He's going to be alright," Hermione whispered soothingly into the crying man's ear. "He'll be up and about in no time. George can take anything." Fred let out a half chuckle-half sob and his grip around Hermione's waist tightened. "I'll stay, don't worry. I'm not leaving you," Hermione said, pulling away slightly from the embrace to cup Fred's face in her hands. She brushed away his tears and pressed a gentle kiss to his lips, and Fred immediately relaxed. He sagged forward and nuzzled into her shoulder, his grip loosening but still tight. Hermione gently ran her fingers through Fred's ginger hair, occasionally kissing his forehead or the top of his head softly. Fred trusted her, and that was enough.

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