A Life of Fear

A 14-year-old orphan girl named Serena Zerconia lives in the street of fighters who lives with her uncle Steward. She is a girl who fears everything (not ghosts and stuff). She had a bad childhood she lost her mom after giving birth to her and her dad on her 10th birthday. From then she lived with her uncle helping him with his side business street fighting as she wanted to do something in return for what he has been doing for her. His only thinking 'Will she be able to overcome the consequences being an orphan in this world?'


8. Ch-7

Serena's POV:

I entered my classroom, when the teacher called me in. I looked straight at my teacher while walking in. I can hear a "Waaaah" from the class.

Already hating this class.

The teacher told me to introduce myself. So i did. When i was introducing myself, i can see all eyes on me but with different emotions. I hope you understand what i'm saying. 

Once i finished with my introduction, i bowed. The teacher told me to sit at the middle bench with some guy next to me. She said "제발 앉아주세요 옆에 yugyeom" (Please go sit next to yugyeom). 

"Kim Yugyeom 손을 들어주세요" (Kim yugyeom please raise your hand) 

A guy on a middle bench, who was talking to guy turned around facing me and raised his arm. I bowed to the teacher and made my way to the bench next to him. 

He has really long hand. My thought.

I sat next to him and looked straight a head. He didn't bother, he started talking to his friend again. 

Why are too loud? I can't hear a single thing what the teacher is saying. 

I feel yugyeom and his friend giving me glances while they are talking but i'm least bothered to looked at them. When we were waiting for the next teacher...

" Annyeong..." (hello) I turned to my side seeing Yugyeom and his friend saying it to me.

"Annyeong." I said back.

Yugyeom continued "Naneun Yugyeom-ida ige nae chingu Jungkook ya" (I'm Yugyeom and this is my friend Jungkook" i looked at both of them. 

"Naneun Serena-ida, mannaseo bangawo dul da" (I'm Serena, nice to meet both of you). They smiled at me.

They both look like rabbits when they smile.

Well i got to talk to them more and as usual they are older than me in months even they Jungkook is born on the same month as he is older. They told me not to call them oppa since we are the same age.

The teacher came and started her class.

(Time skip)

It was break and i don't know whether to go to Yixing-oppa or sit and eat my food here. I was woken from my thoughts when two boys on two chairs sat in front of desk. 

Seems like my lunch is with two rabbits today.

We were in middle of eating when...


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